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[L2Off] L2 Survival


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L2-Survival coming back to life after 4 years !
Lady and Gentlemen,

L2-Survival website is back online after being offline for 4 years ! It was time to bring the legend back to life.
You can now check the website at the following url : http://www.l2-survival.net (that's so so 2010, we know.)
I have updated the server feature page which gives an idea about what will be L2-Survival but this is not a complete list and might not be 100% exact for now so please do not take too much into consideration the feature page.

As for the full feature list and ETA, this might hopefully come tomorrow if all goes well, thank you for your patience.
As said on an unofficial reply on the forum, L2-Survival might be back End of December ~ Beginning of January.

See you in the forum !

General information
Chronicle : Interlude
Experience rate : 50x
Skill point rate : 50x
Adena rate : 100x
Item rate : 1x
Spoil rate : 1x

- Class changer, no quest needed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class
- Red Pipette Knife and TOI bosses subclass scepter in shop
- Reagent Pouch and Reagent Box drop amount x10
- Valakas / Antharas access quest item in shop
- For the rest of the quest you have to do it yourself

- Interlude Olympiad system
- The olympiad period is 1 week
- Olympiad competition held from 20:00 to 00:00 CET everyday (CET)
- You need 9 match and 1 wins to be eligible to hero
- Checks are done to prevent a user to compete against himself on another character

Skill and buffs
- Anti buff griefing system
- 24 base buffs slot + 10 debuff slot
- Basic buffs available at the NPC buffer
- 3 hours normal buff
- 3 hours dances and song
- 3 hours prophecies, 20 mins COV
- Cat & Unicorn buff are with retail duration
- Cleanse will not cleanse hot springs debuffs (Malaria)
- Cancel temporarily removing buffs for 30 seconds and restoring them.

Farming Information
- Up to A grade in shop for adena/ancient adena
- Custom farming system for S grade
- AA dropping in Despair, Execution ground , Cruma tower and other low level area for the starters
- Dragon Valley Cave as main farming area (the more you go deep, the more it's hard)
- The chaotic fortress located near the Dragon valley cave entrance (combat zone)
- Custom armor leveling system

Raid bosses
- Over 12 bosses with customised drops and spawntime
- Valakas, Baium, Antharas will not be affected by player's heal
- Barakiel boss and minion level changed to 80
- Raid boss can not be dragged away from their spawn position (3000 range maximum)
- Customized bosses drop and spawn time (inside DvC)
- Mini bosses system inside the Chaotic Fortress

Castle siege
- 2 Castle siege held every weekend (currently under discussion to change to 4)
- Players not participating to a siege can not deal damages to the headquarters
- Custom castle benefits

- Global gatekeeper
- Clan and alliance penalty for leaving/joining is set to 1 day
- Max weapon enchant is set to 30
- Max armor enchant is set to 20

Extra features
- Wedding feature
- Gold bar system (1 goldbar = 1 billion adena)
- Autoloot system affecting party but not boss loots (can be enabled or disabled by the user)
- Global shout (level 60 required)
- Offline shop (48 hours maximum)
- Infinity soulshot/spiritshot system

- Nobless
- Subclass
- Hair accessories

L2-Survival launch : 02/01/2015
Dear players,

Feature has been announced and the server is going to launch on the 2nd of January 2015.
You can check the L2-Survival features on the L2-Survival feature page or to have more details in the forum.


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Well then,dunno how he gonna make any money if da only ppl playin will be da clans who got free items and maybe few clanless here and there. I just dont see any pros list here,just cons.

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- Cancel temporarily removing buffs for 30 seconds and restoring them. 


What's the point? Cancel is ment to make the opp go rebuff so he loses some time. 



- Custom armor leveling system


what is this? someone can explain? 

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