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L2 server


Hi guys,


I need some help and advices, i want to make a lineage 2 ful C4 server for me and more a few friends to play, wer 5 players, and we want to try TIT, unique jewls and that donator/gm stuff^^  i donuu if i use OFF or L2J; :? i got SQLEVAL,  Rageazone official c4, navicat, mysql..i need ur help now guys :)



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l2j for modding...it's much easier to mod it. I'm creating a full guide for editing weapons armor etc. But if it's for a public server, not for ~5 players, i suggest official, but you gonna have some problems with the edit and the install of the server :P And something more...don't even think about playing l2off + client from the same pc.


L2j for fun

l2off for serious bussiness

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