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How to reduce ig lag?


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Well i was at my village before some days and there my modem was connecting to the pc and i had no lag .... now i came to my home and in everyserver i play i have lag i can eve kill a gremlin -.-'  but here i have a remote connection.. this is the cuz i have lag  ??? i have tried everything i heard changing font on my pc (yeah ;D) closing msn and web sites off E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. its not cuz of my pc it's new and very good. any1 know a way to reduce lag? Ty

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Maybe You have low Dsl speed or you dont have a very good RAM. If you check those things you will not have so much laaag :P . Or maybe the server has problem (ask someone ingame if he has lag too)

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Well something i used when i had lag.Go to game options at the first tab at the middle says Lower Detail.Press it.


Btw you say that your computer is new and very good so i suppose that Lower Detail won't fix much and i don't even think that is a connection problem.3 or 4 years ago i was playing L2 with a dial-up connection and i didn't had lag!!So it mustn't be the problem that.Don't download anything while you play..test the lower detail thing and post comment.

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i explain it in another post some days ago:





Simply is that, also the Bandwidth is important http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandwidth_(computing)

beacuse of the bandwidth u have u will have more or less lag


if u want to see your internet connection speed



if u want less lag 1 Get a good conection , get ram memory and get a server whit good machine xD


(new info) remember each day the games improve thereselfs and for that reason u will always need better and better pc , for example i play a server whit 200 ppls and i have 2mb conection and 1gig ram and i play fine (whit hellbound and whit out the full graphics ofc ;P)

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