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[Guide] 10 reasons to make a priest

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well much people were saying that priests sucks coz they die easy cause of cloth, no dmg at all and many things. here are 10 reasons to make one.


1. Priests are very strong healers. Priests are able to cast protective shields, heals over time, use group heals, and many other types of heals that make them far superior to the other healing classes.


2. Priests have great survivability. Priests, especially if specialized as Discipline, are incredibly difficult to take down. They can mitigate a lot of damage for being a cloth wearing and can keep a lot of heals on themselves without actually having to channel heals.


3. Priests are the only class that receives special a bilities based on their race. Each race is granted a special ability at level 10 and level 20. These abilities range from dealing damage, special self-only buffs, or various utility spells.


4. Priests have two versatile ways of specializing. Priests can either specialize to be Holy/Discipline or Shadow. Holy/Discipline is for Priests who want to heal. Shadow is for Priests who want to deal damage.


5. Priests are able to be a very good caster DPS. If specialized as Shadow, a Priest can deal lots of damage, but more importantly give back health and mana to their group at a steady rate. This is a great perk for being a Shadow Priest and this is why there is such high demand for Shadow Priests on raids.


6. Priests are one of the few classes able to resurrect the dead. Inevitably, players will die in World of Warcraft. A Priest is one of a few classes able to resurrect these fallen players to return them to life. This is useful in almost every aspect of the game.


7. Priests are able to reach the armor class of leather and mail users. With Inner Fire, especially if a Priest has the talents, a Priest will have more armor class than a leather user and just shy of a well-geared mail user. This is very useful when fighting against physical damage dealers.


8. Priests are one of the few classes that become more rewarding as you level. At low levels, Priests are rather weak and may find it hard to solo. However, the higher a Priest’s level, the better they are at being able to heal, deal damage, and solo. At the max level, Shadow Priests are one of the best classes to solo as and Discipline Priests are virtually un-killable.


9. Priests are considered one of the main buffing classes. Fortitude and Divine Spirit are a Priest’s main buffs. Fortitude grants players with hundreds of health and Divine Spirit gives players an increased health and mana regeneration as well as increasing spell damage for casters.


10. Priests have great utility on raids and in groups. Whatever specialization a Priest may be, they bring lots of utility with them. They are incredible healers, great damage dealers with an addition of abilities that restore health and mana to their group, and are able to resurrect fallen players.

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priest will always be best healers in pve,

in pvp u can argue on what is best, it depends on how the person plays, what the other classes in his group are, etc

i like restodruids since they have good cc too, thats just me

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Every class in wow is good at pvp as in pve too.All that is needed is good talent build.Priest are good at pvp but they have boring gameplay cause you don't expect heavy damage from a priest, you just play survival mode and that is important too.

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