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  1. i find it nice...keep it up bro... and...add a scheme buffer:)
  2. http://l2gossip.no-ip.org/ ...here works too
  3. It's simple : augment an dual handed sword equip it then equip a shield>voila the extra stats the augment gives is stucked on ur class till restart.... PS:i didn't search if it is already updated....if it is close it plz anyway : http://l2gossip.no-ip.org/ <<<< here u can have fun with this bug :)... Gl
  4. we will change the server name , change the site >features remain the same :-[...only few skill changes and will be not 1:2 server 1:500x features u see in description 2:x2000 with custom armor or wpps for fun pvps:)...Stay Tuned
  5. I don't get what u wanna say?...divine inspiration works and there are 60 buff slots...
  6. ShadowLoo our webmaster worked at l2 Vendetta's template and baro is a friend with pyromaker and i don't find any reasons for pyro to be mad 8)
  7. stun solved , bluff also, fixed all augments , i'll check about dbuffs...thx for warning anyway
  8. Baro is the Owner ,Java Developer,Administrator etc...well see about those bugs and i hope they will be solved soon enough
  9. Kidee i'm really happy u like our server and if u find any bug plz contact me in game or speack to BARO privatly! I Hope Ya All W8 till the autoupdater is ready*
  10. 1:i didn't swear you(till now) 2:i can't update the site now because we are working on a updater and i have no time for that (re)tard :D
  11. I aleready posted that the site isn't updated and the download link is there Check first before comment... <Respect>
  12. The Server Is On> no1 had ur problem about log in so plz reinstall l2...btw site is hosted by some1 else so we update it rarely>working on a autoupdater <respect> Edit:frank can u post plz a link with the rulles cus i didn't found them
  13. our record in 2 days was 17 online i think ....we hope more to come after beta <That Means Today>...Hope I Cya All In Game <Respect>
  14. Our Site is http://l2-legend.hostse.com not www.l2-legend.ucoz.com ... Btw the server is ON..:P
  15. Well The Server Is In Beta And We're Solving The Bugs And About The Site>It Isn't updated so plz download the patch from http://rapidshare.de/files/48917269/Patch_L2Legend.zip.html...Hope Cya All In Game <Respect>