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About To Make A Blog, Need Some Help With Hosting And Domain.

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Hello guys, I know you're the experts that's why I'm posting here,

I want to make a wordpress blog but with a custom .gr domain name. 

The problem is I don't know where to start? Can I get a free wordpress blog for starters and after some time if I'm ready I can move it to another server, get my custom theme and add a domain name? 

Are those things easy to do? 


Some info for starters?

Thanks a lot! 

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A bit late reply but here it is anyway.


You need to buy 2 things:

1)The domain

2)The web-host


For the domain its kinda simple proccess you just find the name you want and if it is available you buy it.

For the host look for a web host with cPanel, in most cases you can install a blog through the cPanel for free like wordpress that my suggestion.

So buy the domain, buy the host, then link the domain to your host, then find through the cpanel how to install wordpress and you are ready to go.

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Depends the content of your blog, If your blog will have coding content such as Java codes or something similar i would suggest you http://codingzone.gr, if your blog will have a s content gaming cheats such as PC Game cheats or other consoles i would recommend you http://cheatingworld.gr... About host, i would recommend you to buy free one from blogger.com... Don't need to pay for a blog while blogger.com gives you the chance to build your own blog in seconds..

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