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  1. I've done this in the past, remember always when you create a bot you must make it to look natural so you can deceive the toplist/sites unless they dont ban/remove your site if you do 1mil votes per day. If you want your business to go on make your bot to look natural. Also if you post some screenshots of your services it will help your reputation because right now you have only 6 posts, good luck!
  2. Sure i can, everything can be achieved at the right budget. If you have something specific in mind you can pm me with more details and i will tell you more.
  3. Sure i know photoshop too but im not a pro at it, just the basics for my needs.
  4. Hi there everyone im 28 years old and im from Greece Im having some spare time and im offering my services as a Developer. Mostly im looking to create cool html/php scripts for your site for stats and other things. My skills are Html5-CSS3 Php-MySql I also know java and c# just in case. Contact me here with PM or a post and we can talk via skype too.
  5. Παιδια μπορει κάποιος να μου στείλει forums γενικου περιεχομενου (gaming,l2, otidipote) δεν με νοιαζει η γλώσσα.
  6. Btw o typos aftos o fouseytube aderfizei ligo toul stin simperifora t. **While listening on Youtube: Up Next (video) Girls just want to have fun (hahaha the irony)
  7. lol εχει μια ομπρέλα στο url του spam topic...
  8. A bit late reply but here it is anyway. You need to buy 2 things: 1)The domain 2)The web-host For the domain its kinda simple proccess you just find the name you want and if it is available you buy it. For the host look for a web host with cPanel, in most cases you can install a blog through the cPanel for free like wordpress that my suggestion. So buy the domain, buy the host, then link the domain to your host, then find through the cpanel how to install wordpress and you are ready to go.
  9. Hello everyone i have some free time and want to work on a new crawler. What is a wev crawler? A crawler is a program that index web information from the internet in any way you want them to. What can i do with it? (options) Email Crawler: Its program that can collect emails from any target | You can use this to advertise anything you want Data Crawler: Can collect any type of data you want (forum topic, posts, member info) Pic/Video Crawler: Can collect images or videos and create a database or something else from any website Other custom programs can be reque
  10. You need to put the guides into categories and clean the links the long urls are hard for the eyes. GJ and keep it up.
  11. Hello everyone. Its been sometime now since i created a tool for youtube its about the comments and it has many functions, you can check it out on my blog http://www.incognito-world.com/ Currently the program its free and i want to sell it to someone that is intrested, you can check it on the site and see how it works its pretty easy. The free version that its online right now can be locked at any time from me if anyone wants to buy it. I didnt have time to advertise it or spead it around so i want to sell it. Pm me for more.