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Extreme [x35] - Interlude Official Platform
Experience: 35x
Skill Point: 35x
Adena: 50x
Party Exp: 1,5x
Party SP: 1,5x
Grand Opening TODAY 2 November 20:00 GMT+2
  • Auto-Learning skills
  • Clan Halls
  • Sieges
  • Safe +3 max +20
  • Server Retail 80%
  • Hardins Academy Shopping area untill A - Grade - Buyable with adena
  • Heine for S - Grade & Dyes, Enchant Scrolls
  • NPC Buffer includes only Buffs 2nd class
  • Dance & Songs & prophecies are not on NPC Buffer.
  • Raids retail time
  • Buffs = 1 hour/Dances,Songs = 30 minutes/ Prophecies 15 minutes/Summon 2 minute
  • S grade is craftable with seal stones and adena.
  • Dusk Staff/Sword/Shield
  • Dual God's Blade
  • Titanium armor (*notice: the titanium armor is not apella)
  • Tattoos
  • Party Zone: Giants Cave
    - 3 Custom Raids: Anakim, Lilith, Shax
    - - dropping Titanium/Dusk parts.
    - Currently all unique Raids do NOT spawn.
  • Enchant Rate: -66% (fighter)-33% (mage)
  • No Bugs, no lag, no corruption.
  • Garden of Eva drop a  good ammount of Ancient Adena including the Adenas also Life Stones
  • Elven Fortress (Solo zone)
  • Elven Ruins (Medium/Party) drop a  good ammount of Ancient Adena including the Adenas.
  • Giants Cave (Hard/Party)
  • Tower of insolence - adena, ancient adena, materials.(key mats )
  • Hunters Village PvP zone( Pvp town)
  • Sieges every 2 weeks
  • Olympiad retail. The items is restricted to + 3, and +4 main part of armor.
  • Giran is shopping area
  • Seven Sings 
  • Class Balance
  • Augment System
  • Subclass - quest
  • Nobless - quest
  • and more.
  • We've implemented some things a little bit different than old L2eXtreme, the reason is that the gameplay has been changed a lot, new Chronicles come every year, and we are looking to make a little bit easier the gameplay for you, this is why we added Dances & Songs to 30 minutes and Prophecies/Chant of Victory up to 15 minutes.


I posted this becouse this topic reached 2,000 views in 1 week and half, and from unknown reasons, a guy named "Extreme Dwarf" (fan of Extreme probably he asked to join staff and he got refused God knows) banned the real owner of Extreme server. Hes decision is not fair, becouse in order to ban someone who should give some reason like "flames", "insulting" etc, as you can see, in the [Preview servers] the guys who insulted are Outlaw Mcbigmag Benihime and 2-3 others, guess what, they was not banned. So the insulting was not reason why he got banned. The reason is probably someone payed "The dwarf" to ban him. Anyway, this community have already 2k population, MXC was to reach more for sure, and hhe succeeded, but I just share it becouse today is the grand opening.

Edited by kazze
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As I saw on beta test they had enough people :)

Also they got 2 servers official Tauti and Interlude so  the community is formed by 2 k people


I hope you got good protection then cause I can't ressist attacking idiots

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None of whom u mentioned insulted. They stated true facts and questions which "da real extreme owner" who was also topic starter,couldnt answer em. No shit why :)  Didnt know he got banned,dont know why,couldnt give a flyin shit. And where did I insult him anyway? Sayin hes a fraud? We are entitled to our opinion so if u cant handle it,u know where ur cavehole is.


Also,why u care so much as to go in all dis trouble and make new topic/complain about stuff? Maybe u his bitch or smth? U afraid u wont get money from ur donations? Anyways,nuff said.

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btw you said in vindication tauti topic you got high community since 2004 but on site it says Total Players: 250 also i saw much of suggestions from players..


note: i guess you should consider players opinion since the majority asked for wipe and such ...

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Benihime, i am nones bitch, i just care of this server becouse i want to play with my friends, i want a decent server and also old school.

I do not care if noobwars copy extreme or what else. It is a good server the features are awesome and i want to play in a big community

"Extreme" name is not a registred mark lol as you can see there exist a energy drink named l2x(extreme) that's a fraud too? I don't think so.


Pulse, the server was restarted that is the reason why you saw 250 players, check anytime you want and you will see over 750-800+

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Claiming to be someone u are not or to have smth dat u dont own is a pussy move to attract ppl like dat. Got balls? do smth on ur own.

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