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Welcome to Lineage 2 Massacre Supermacy Consider yourself lucky since you've just found the BEST private L2 server. We are constantly in development and have an load of working features. Not to mention VERY active GM and DEV teams. If you will enjoy the server just let us know your opinion and write some words for us to every one that want to play one stable and perfect server!





  • XP Rate : 666x 

  • SP Rate : 1200x 

  • Party XP Rate (Normal Rate) : 2x 

  • Party SP Rate (Normal Rate) : 2x 

  • Quest XP Rate : 10x 

  • Quest SP Rate : 10x

  • Adena Rate : 8500x 

  • Drop Rate : 40x 

  • Spoil Rate : 10x 

  • Quest Drop Rate : 10x 

  • Quest Reward : 10x 

  • Quest Adena Reward : 10x 

  • Extract Fish Rate : 10x 

  • Safe Enchant : +3 

  • Normal Enchant Rate : 66% 

  • Blessed Armor Enchant Rate :  95% 

  • Blessed Weapon Enchant Rate : 95% 

  • Weapon Max Enchant : +16 

  • Armor - Jewels Max Enchant : +16

  • Armor - Jewels - Weapon Max Enchant : +25 ( With Crystal scrolls from Custom RB's. 

  • Start Level 85

  • Subclass Level 85

  • Starting Adena :



  • PC Bang Event 

  • Battlefield

  • Bomb

  • DeathMatch

  • CTF

  • Domination

  • Double_Domination

  • Last_Man_Standing

  • Lucky_Chests

  • Mutant

  • Russian Roulete

  • Simon_Says

  • TvT

  • VIPTvT

  • Zomb

  • Town War Event



[Event Manager]
[Achievment Manager]
[Premium Buffer]
[Normal Buffer]
[Andromeda Wedding Manager]

Extra : Premium Buffer max buffs 34+14 and allowed Special Buffs / Other (manual + scheme buffer )

Normal Buffer max buffs 32+12 (manual + scheme buffer )
Community Buffs MaxBuffAmount = 32 | MaxTriggered Buff Amount = 12 | MaxDanceAmount = 12 (manual buffs)  



Also notice that : Shop / Buffer and others typical Npcs that need it for your gameplay are located on our Custom Community Board







  • Allow players to cancel dances/songs via Alt+click on buff icon  

  • MaxSubclass = 5

  • Mana Potion Support

  • Olympiad period ends every 1st and 15th day of month

  • PC Bang

  • Offline Trade

  • Announce PvP * Pk

  • Chat Moderation

  • Hellbound Status Voice Command

  • Multilanguage support

  • Dualbox Check

  • Password Change

  • Primeshop

  • TOP NPC server information

  • Clan Rep points item

  • Bot Report

  • SmartWindow

  • PotionInPvP

  • antifeed for pvp/pk

  • Pvp/pk Announce

  • Newbie Welcome Message

  • Pailaka Summon Limit

  • Custom pvp skills.

  • Killing system counting and announce

  • Vote Buff

  • Announce Castle Lords On Login

  • Announce Heros On Login

  • Custom Start Title

  • Custom PvP Reward

  • PvP Title Color

  • PC Bang Event

  • Fantasy Isle Engine

  • Premium Service

  • Premium System

  • Auto-Restart Config

  • Vote System NPC

  • Vote System Hopzone

  • Vote System Topzone

  • Community Board Shop/Buffs/Teleport/Class/Donate and more services



  • The are 3 Farm Zones 

  • 1 Peace Farm Zone Drop x1 Farm Coin

  • 1 Combat Farm Zone Drop x1 - x2 Farm Coins

  • 1 Combat Party Farm Zone Drop x10 - x15 Farm Coins / x1 Life Stone (Chance drop : 50%) 





  • Primeval Isle

  • Monastery Of Silence

  • Freya Area





  • .bank

  • .withdraw

  • .deposit

  • .bind_process

  • .bind_ip

  • .castlemanager

  • .allow_xp_sp

  • .hellbound

  • .divorce

  • .engage

  • .gotolove

  • .rewardme

  • .repair

  • .menu

  • .tvt

  • .event

  • .premium

  • .antibot

  • For the Clan Leaders commands : .teletocl - .stats - .opendoors - closedoors - 

  • .ridewyvern 





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Unique website and cool rates....Unfortunately it'll be closed once you get enough money from the donates,like all of your other servers.

L2MS Interlude running with 15 players online 2 months as u can see i am not closing..... 


L2MS H5 will run more than a year.. and that's a promise.

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    • Update patch for L2Earth x25 Price: 15e  
    • We are taking new orders!! We are taking new orders!!
    • The DEATH KNIGHT costume in Lineage 2 is the true embodiment of power and style, created for those who are ready to immerse themselves in the world of darkness and mastery over death. This majestic costume is presented in three stunning styles:   Fire Embody your thirst for destruction in this stunning costume. The bright fiery hue of the skeleton surrounded by blazing tongues of flame gives you the power and might of the Lord of Hell himself. This costume immerses you in an atmosphere of apocalyptic rage and ruthless devastation.   Purple Skillfully blending elegance and mystery, this purple costume is designed to bestow additional unwavering resolve upon its owner. Its graceful lines and refined shade create the impression of impeccable deadly grace. This costume attracts attention and instills awe in anyone who dares to oppose you.   Blue Immerse yourself in the cold atmosphere of death with this magnificent blue costume. It will make anyone who dares to stand in your way see that death is not only the end but also a source of infinite strength and resilience. In this costume, you will appear as an unyielding defender of darkness, capable of overcoming any challenge.     Each costume set is accompanied by accessories and a splendid cloak of your choice, depending on the protocol (a cloak option is also available upon request), which will emphasize your greatness in all battles, prices starts from 50 or 100 depending by conditions. Additional information about the cloaks and their variations can be obtained by contacting the provided contacts. These costumes combine not only epic power but also unparalleled beauty, giving your character a unique style.   Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ( click ) Discord: NevesOma#3182 Personal messages. The best discord client dev community here: https://discord.gg/qeJuzHAgT9          
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