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Legendary Weapons Guide


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Maybe some of you are after a legendary weapon so I here is a small guide...hope you'll find this helpfull!

Later I'll include Pictures once I start crafting.

Legendary components:
- Gift of Mastery
- Gift of Fortune 
- Gift of <legendary weapon>
- Legendary precursor

Gift of Mastery
- Gift of Exploration: obtained after 100% world completion (all PVE and WvWvW maps)
-Bloodstone Shard: 200 skill points. You can buy the shard from Myiani near Mystic Forge in LA
- 250 obsidian shards: 525.000 karma (you can buy these shards from karma NPC @ temple of Balthazar, when the temple is not contested) or 3750 fractal relics or 252 laurels
-Gift of Battle: 500 badges of honor (sold by npc in WvWvW maps)

Okay, gift of mastery, this is the easy part...just stick on your main char and start with world completion, it gives you 2x gift of exploration and each map you complete gives you gold, exp, karma and a couple of rare/exotic items (you'll get 2 lvl 76+ exotic items from straits of devastation, malchor's leaps and cursed shore). After world completion you should have almost enough skill points for the bloodstone shard. Save up your money, trust me, you'll need it..and savage all the yellows for ectoplasm. Sell the exotics (if you dont need them and if they worth something), but save up those exotic weapons that are the same type of the legendary your going for (ex. 1h sword, staff, pistol etc).
Do wvwvw jumping puzzles for badges of honor (there are 4 jp, one in each wvwvw map) they reset daily, so run all of em with every alts daily and you will get 500 badges in a short time.
Run dungeons, farm orrian events (such as penitent path) and do daily/monthly for the karma (make sure to open karma drops/jugs when your karma boosts are on...ex.karma guild boost, karma banner, overmanned bonus in wvwvw...).

Gift of Fortune
-77 mystic clover: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mystic_Clover
-250 globs of ectoplasm: obtained from salvage lvl 68+ rare/exotic items (master salvage kit or black lion salvage kit)
-Gift of Might: (250 Vicious Fangs, 250 Armored Scale, 250 Ancient Bone, 250 Vicious Claw)
-Gift of Magic: (250 Powerful Blood, 250 Powerful Venom Sac, 250 Elaborate Totem, 250 Pile of Crystalline Dust)

Start crafting clovers, you have 1/3 chance to get them from mystic forge (follow the link for the recipe), save the tier 6 mats for the gift of magic and might.
Again, Orr is a perfect farm place for the t6 materials (obtained from Heavy Moldy Bag), and upgrade your t5 mats. (recipe:http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mystic_Forge#Fine_Crafting_Material_Promotion )

Gift of <legendary weapon>

Each legendary weapon has its own legendary gift.

Here you can find the list: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Gift#Gifts_of_the_Legendary_Weapons

Every gift requires:
-100x Icy Runestones (1g each, sold by Rojan the Penitent in Frostgorge Sound)
-1x Superior Sigil
-2x other greater gifts: the recipes for this gifts are sold by Miyani in LA (10g each) and also requires a specific crafting ability mastered.

Legendary Precursor

Each legendary weapon has its own precursor (a lvl 80 named exotic weapon, same type of the legendary).

Here you can find the list: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Precursor

How to obtain:
That’s the hard part, there is only 3 way to get a precursor:

- throwing 4 lvl 76+ rare/exotic weapons (same type of the precursor you’re going for) into mystic forge (i would not recommend to use rares as you can see people on youtube throwing 100+ rares weapon without getting a single precursor)

- dropped by meta event chests/mobs (again the drop rate of this weapon is incredibly low but, as the official forum states, if it drops exotics, it could also drops a precursor)

-buy them from Black Lion Trading Post 

I recommend the 4 exotics way, as that is how I got my precursor. Works also with dungeon weapons.

Well, this is all! Good luck everyone! If you have more question don’t hesitate to contact me in.



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