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[Help]Java Buffer



thelw na kanw to e3eis... otan enas player exei as poume x buff(px. shield) kai to kanei self/target to buff den to pairneis mexri na teliwsh to effect/cast oute mporeis na walk..kai ta upoloipa buffs exoun to diko tous effect... px. dance theloun duals oste na ta knc ktlp.


kati tetoio thelw na kanw se buffer..


px auto to code kanei self effect alla ama knc walk kanei cancel to effect kai to buff to exeis parei :P

        StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(command, " ");
        String actualCommand = st.nextToken();

        int buffid = 0;
        int bufflevel = 1;
        if (st.countTokens() == 2) {
            buffid = Integer.valueOf(st.nextToken());
            bufflevel = Integer.valueOf(st.nextToken());
        else if (st.countTokens() == 1)
            buffid = Integer.valueOf(st.nextToken());

        if (actualCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("getbuff")) {
            if (buffid != 0) {
                MagicSkillUse mgc = new MagicSkillUse(this, player, buffid, bufflevel, 5, 0);
                SkillTable.getInstance().getInfo(buffid, bufflevel).getEffects(this, player);

:forever alone like a boss: :forever alone like a boss: 3erei knc pws na to kanw?

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thelw auto me to effect/cast kai buff meta to cast (ti check theli) :P px twra kanei effect alla as poume kanei to 80% kanei stop 2 sec kai meta kanei kai to 20%...


mporeis na check to code pou exw ginetai kati kalutero sto grapsimo??

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