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Powerleveling Services & Adena @ Ncwest-Chronos

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Hello MaxCheaters and L2 Fans,


Click to view -> Old Topic

Click to view -> Characters for sale

Adena Services:
Unlimited stock available, 70$ per billion. Bulk offer, available. PM for Info...

zR Scripts:
Anything you want, upon request.



Pricelist for PowerLevel Services:
Any character can be leveled from 1 to 99

Estimated Leveling Time:
01~85 = ~3 days
80~85 = ~24 hours
85~95 = ~8 days
90~95 = ~4 days
95~97 = ~1 week
97~98 = ~6 days
98~99 = ~7 days
01~92 = ~9 days
01~95 = ~13 days
01~99 = ~4 weeks


Leveling Price List:

01 -> 85 = 30$

Other Level -> 99 = 150$ per week**

sub: 40 -> 75 = 45$ 

**depends on level!



1 -> 85 = 30$

1 -> 90 = 150$

85 -> 92 =160$

90 -> 95 =170$

95 -> 97 =160$

97 -> 99 =300$

95 -> 99 = PM for Info...

1 -> 99 = You can simply buy safe
character from my list
PM for info

3x Subs -> 85/75/75 = 120$




PowerLeveling Terms:

Leveling is done by automated bot. I'm using scripts which 're acting human-like. Bot subscription will be paid by me.

The person that is leveling your account is located in Greece.

If the account gets banned during leveling, we will compensate you with either a new toon at the same level/state as your previous one
or you can choose one from our list ( any class/any level). If there is a difference in the
 character you willing to get ( such as higher lvl, or better gear ) you might be asked to pay a small amount of money.
Incase the accounts get banned, I will need as proof the e-mail from NCSoft, so I can be sure that it happened due to Powerleveling.
So far we are safe :)

Account must have at least Immortal Armor Set and a 150 elemented weapon. ( Depends of the level )

All valuable items must be taken off the account.


.. Safe Powerleveling services up to Lv99 !

Those are the days/hours/weeks needed WITH 200% XP Rune. If you not willing to buy XP Rune, leveling will be much slower and price bit different.

... for prices, bulk offers and anything you want to know, feel free to PM me!
The more characters you get me, the more discount you get.

I'm accepting verified paypal, else if you dont have one we will have to use a MiddleMan.

Not willing to scam, and also not willing to get scammed! ;)

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Amazing service,fast response.I went up to 95 pretty fast and the prices are really cheap.

I totally recommend him and will recently buy from him again!

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    • DONT BUY GUYS!  100% SCAM OR BAN .      https://prnt.sc/TyXTohUii3nB     When I asked him for proof it's working he told he not gonna use giftcard for proof 😄 After that he called person monkey and block him. Guys dont risk with this guy - if there would be no scam or ban . He could use those giftcards by himself and make tons of money not selling for 15 $ lol. 
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