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Are Lineage 2 players too dumb?(read before vote)


3 zones, which settings do you think would be the best?  

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  1. 1. 3 zones, which settings do you think would be the best?

    • 1st zone: Soloable --- 2nd zone: Majority soloable with some party mobs --- 3rd zone: full party zone
    • 1st zone: Soloable with some party mobs --- 2nd zone: party zone --- 3rd zone: full party zone
    • 1st zone: Party zone --- 2nd zone: full party zone --- 3rd zone: full party zone

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I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine and we just couldn't agree on wether the players of Lineage 2 forgot how to party with others and therefore prefer content that is soloable and preferably not too challenging or if they still want to find parties and take on heavy challenges.

He represents the opinion that content in L2 and generally should be soloable for the majority of the time. Majority of the players are newbies and wouldn't be able to find a party or solo challenging content for whatever reason, let it be language barriers or just being someone who prefers to play alone.

I however think that making it too easy and close to non-challenging will widely remove the fun and the general fighting spirit this game requires and any of the more serious players will make fun of servers that do that.


So, which one is closer to your likings or which one do you think is closer to reality? How do you think about yourself and how do you think about other players?

Please take the time to write extended comments as it would really help future servers to create something that is closer to your ideal Lineage 2 environment.


Also the poll is there to determine how "hardcore" you prefer the game to be.





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MMORPGs are about Socializing.


Your Social Network within Gaming.



Players are all PVP - but alot of the fun and intrigue in the older times was teamwork and political wars.

From choosing who to help in a siege - to defeating a big boss like Antharas etc.



That seems to have been lost - both the element that PVE can actually be fun and that there can be dramatic choices from the leaders of clans.



One reason for this could be the communication has broken down and that well the average IQ has dropped.

See many people's english at this forum as an example.


If you can't communicate you can't embrace the social aspect much :P

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I for example love it when I'm able to solo hard content that was meant to be completed by parties(2-3 people). I'm aware that if I'm able to solo it, others might be able to do it too, but the feeling alone that the creator of the server(or game) sets a line of difficulty, where he thinks his game is hard enough so one person might not be able to do it. This passively makes you be an "above-average" player and generally makes you feel good about yourself.

What I really hate tho is when I'm being forced to party up with others, but I think it's more like the feeling of being forced(forced = against your own free will), rather than going through the process of finding a party and organizing, etc...

But this is also a two-sided coin because as someone who creates monsters and zones, I tend to make them difficult, with the intentions of not wanting to insulting the player's skills by making it too easy for them, however, I want the exact opposite as a player myself when testing things someone else has made. At the same time, I love the challenge and easy games just don't last for more than a few days for me.


What to do, dear Maxcheaters community?


How do YOU feel about this?

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create flexible strength of monsters based on what single player wants.

First, you need to find out if each player likes to fight with monsters that are weak for him and collect small rewards, or strong monsters where he can die any moment.

When you already know that, just make dynamic stats of the monster and his prizes, based on player's will.

You will also need to make it progressive, player will be happy to see that old monster is already too weak for him and he is hunting monsters that many players cannot handle. Its easy to achieve it when you have got long area(like lair of antharas) and players will progressively kill monsters that are further from the entrance.

Player should know that some monsters are too hard for his likes, you can do that by manipulating name color of targetted monster or it's title.


easy thing to do :)

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just watch how ncsoft did it and you will get the answer.


in the begining you couldnt do much without a party, but with every new chronicle, every new skill added and all the new items players could solo till higher levels.

nowdays ppl solo till their top lvl and then party JUST for rb/events

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