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Upcoming LINEAGE2 Interlude Low Rate. [Features & Suggestions]

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Hello.I Decided to go with my ideas and open a server.Probably the last one i will ever do so i am gonna try to make this as good as possible.The server will be located in a strong dedi with DDOS Protection so i will make sure this retarded lag and stuff are no issue here.Thats what i think is the key to keep players right now , stability.


So , in my mind i have something like..



Experience x15

Adena x 15



So , the interesting thing is that the server will be as much dynamic as possible.We will create nothing new but we are going to REWORK LINEAGE 2 Original Features to make them more interesting.



We will rework : Official Lineage2 NPCs , which mean that if you want to buy something you gotta go to the according SHOP and buy it.We are gonna change the items SOLD in some of the shops , we plan on making Up to B-GRADE free.


No vote system or any of this crap that makes the server full of AFKers.


Reworked Quests and Lineage2 Features like TAX System.

        We are giving the player the ability to do one of our many Daily and Weekly CUSTOM Quests we are going to create.Of course some of them will help you get some good equipment according to your level and class and some of them will just help you level up your character faster with some better gold income.

        Tax system.Each Castle Leader is gonna decide the TAX percentage of any shop in the city he is owner of.For example if the Leader of the Giran castle decides that the tax is gonna be 10% means that each time a player is buying something of a retail shop , 10% goes to the clan wharehouse.Of course this way , clans will have to think the best possible TAX to put because the players will probably move to the one with the lowest fee.

        Clan Wars will be Reworked to give the actuall essence of a "war".New pop up message "You are challenging them to a WAR , select TIME and PLACE.The leader of the challenging clan writes the TOWN the war will be into and the Time so both clans will group up.Also rewards are given when one of thoose available towns are turned into a Battlefield."

        Retail-like Subclass and Noblesse Quest.

        2 Weeks olympiad

        2 Weeks sieges



        +3 Safe/ Fullbody +4

        +8 Max

        44% Chance of succesfully enchanting an item.




        Raidbosses respawn time will be decided.











So , suggest things you would like to see.ANYTHING.

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In fact any other chronicle than interlude,seems more steady concerning the community.

On interlude even if your server is kinda good,players gonna leave in a week.


But well on final point, all depend from your server good luck.

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