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Dragon-Network L2 walker


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I can not open hidden file so that I can not use l2w, can some one help me plz (I think it's because of some kind of virus call Kavo or something)




I tried to delete CheckedValue and create new file but it did not solve the problem

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this one include ure tutorial to by passe  the back ice  :D

ehm this start to be popular to make 3 guides for one method... stop this pls who dont know read between lines dont deserve read 7 tutorials how to . He/She will still dont know even he/she read 700 tutorials.

Zoo...om i wanted ask u the same question too some time ago.

If u consider it for spam delete it simply, but delete all spam = 2 guides (original was enough but now is guide by Zoo..m better couse of FAQ+links+answers he rly care about his topic and answer even to stupid questions ;) ).

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