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classic [L2J]L2OneWay


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L2OneWay low rate x4, chronicle High Five.

Website: http://l2oneway.com

Forum: http://forum.l2oneway.com




Exp & SP: amount x4

Adena: x5

Seal stones: x4

Adena, Seal stones: chance 100%

Drop: x4

Spoil: x4

Quest items: x2 (not all Quests)

Quest rewards: Exp x2, adena x2

RB drop: chance x4

Epic drop: chance x1

Manor: x2

Party max diff level: 20




Full Geodata

Full Anti-Cheat Protection

Server currency CREDITS (1 Credit = 0.01 euros)

1 class change - 10 000 Adena

2 class change - 100 000 Adena

3 class change - 1 000 000 Adena

Ingame shop No items affecting authentic gameplay.

Basical buffer

Ingame Unique DropCalculator

Ingame Unique Auction System

Classical low rate server for easy and comfortable game.




Dual Box only.

One box in siege area.

Fully authentic gameplay.

Fixed all known game bugs.

Rates[x4] for easy and comfortable game.

Balanced donated shop without gear or items affecting game balance.

Unique international community - players from 50 countries!



Some Custom Features:


* .password voiced command (In game account password change)

* .vote voiced command (take your vote reward)

* .offline voiced command (Trader Offline)

* .clan voiced command (Administration WHC)

.cfg: Various personal settings.

.whoami: More information about your character.

.online: Use this command to see how many online players.

.offline: Use this command when you have private store/manufacture to go in offline mode

.repair: Use this command with an other char of the same account,It will fix you crashed character instantly.

.engage: (Wedding mod) Engages the targeted player.

.divorce: (Wedding mod) You divorce with your partner, You will pay a tax for it.

.gotolove: (Wedding mod) Teleports you to your couple.

* .cfg voiced command for :

..... Autoloot On / Off

..... Show / Dont show Trader

..... Disable Buff



Untiill  27th July are beta test, you can check class quests and other things.

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For the duration of the beta test:

- ON auto learn skilli

- full buff in community board (alt+b)

- commend .debug (before you click enter target on himself, when you run this command, see the chances of skills)

- //setlevel x

- //gmshop




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Due to the lowering server population and several requests from players, we decided to start the server again with a new clean launch.

I just figured out it was opened and closed recently.


Would you say what happened? How many ppl were there in the beginning and why the population lowered?

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Low rate with java files??sure it will work...jesus that ppl!


Jesus that ppl who think that java is still the same like 4 years ago, also jesus that ppl who think that all serverw with typed "l2off" isnt on java... be serious and grow up kid.



I tested most of class and only chain heal for now is bugged, geodata is playable (also on olympiad) and most of quest are working properly. Looking forward for start.


EDIT - chain heal has been fixed and now working properly


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