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  1. Stalonka go find a job b1tch...stop making l2 worse than it is...
  2. First time i agree with you. brazon is retarded for sure .he banned me from his last server cause i said he failed with major epics in donate shop.
  3. Wts elegia robe set +8 pvp armor fully attribute,rising star +8 pvp weapon,b zaken +8,tezza +8, b freya +8 ,elegia jewels +8,+8 shirt,hero cloak, belt pvp def,belt pvp skill attack,vesper noble heavy foundation set +10/10/8/8/8 ,hero cloak, with gift dominator (pvp items there if u want it) gladi with +30 skills and judi with +30 skills,also many billions in inventory. transaction will be made half half , half items half money , paypal-paysafe(greece) accepted. pm here for more info. all these for 40 euros
  4. I dont care about opening 3 server in 1 year, this is logic since midrates cant last more than 3-4 months,but dont say that stalone wasnt greedy,cause he was selling "hidden" donations and there were proofs of that and the most annoying thing was when he was denied all of it...so plz...
  5. Nobody said that first tales didnt have big amount of players,but stalonka proved to be an idiot greedy boy,and sorry achylek i didnt spend my money for idiot admins like stalonka etc,and the only tales i played was the 1st or 2nd i dont remember that.as for that poor guy who defend you propably he dont know y well since he defend you for NOT scamming ,,,so plz my dear boy y dont need proofs that he scammed then he was the one who said it by himself ps:4700 ppl in l2net and that guy said stalonka didnt used fake online...plus from 4700 how many were bots and dual/triple boxes??stop saying
  6. U really need facts that achynerd is a retard when he scam random ppl cause he used to have l2tales database?or that he flame all servers except his boyfriends stalonkas?And even if that greedy sh1t stalonka is not behind of this server then cooperating with him is bad idea for you. ps:is achynerd your boyfriend too?cause defending a braindead scammer like him makes you the same sh1t!
  7. Ok since achynerd is telling us that stalonka is not behind that server too then we should believe him! #NOT ps:funny he is flamming adrenaline owners.he forgot he used bot to sell adenas...
  8. Making a low rate server with crappy l2java files is a good decision for sure!NOT!
  9. He took your job(spam) achynerd?seems like you are low like me insulting other ppl.shame i am not idiot like you begging for chat bans!
  10. And they care about the sh1ts you write?? :facepalm:
  11. Best server arround! more than 100.000 real players, no corruption,no hidden donations, no bots!NOT !after all its stallonkas servers...oh i forgot the best reason NOT to play..achynerd is playing there with his monkey followers!
  12. As always 10 pages of posts from monkeylek and his dogs!such a nice advertise!
  13. Another fail server by mr stalonka ppl allready know how much u suck and ofc they wont come to your server again. PS:waiting for your dog achylek to flame me, and promote your fail server!
  14. Yes i am the kiddo and u are crying to ban someones forum account...jesus...