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[L2J] L2 Severe


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I found this on PMFUN and it looks interesting, I wanted to share it here  :happyforever:

Important: This is a PREVIEW and Severe is still under early HEAVY development.





This is not your ordinary Lineage 2 private server and we are in no way trying to be.


Hardcore gameplay? Yes and below you will find a rough draft of the ideas we have in mind and are developing as you read.


Think of a world where every step you take is another nerve fueling your adrenaline rush. We want to make this game, this server to be challenging, but of course enjoyable at the same time.




Some important things to know:


*Chapters/Updates: Every few months, a new Chapter/Update will be released, increasing Max level, new skills, new areas unlocked and possibly new features added.




What kind of leveling experience will there be?

Well, something you haven't experience, that's for sure.


- Max level will be level 30.(Max level will increase over time, in a new chapter/update)

- Experience rates will be 1! ONE! UNO! Yes, one.(Exp tables will be reworked in future chapters/updates)


What about Buffs?


- Main buff SKILLS(Ex: Wind Walk) no longer exist.(Ex: A prophet no longer has Wind Walk, keep reading below.)

- The only buff SKILLS that exist are self-buffs.(Ex: Battleroar or Spirit Barrier exist.)

- BUFFER classes, instead of actual buffs have the ability the summon buffs into a bottle. Souls will be needed to transfer into buff bottle.

- How do I get souls to make buff bottles? Kill. Soul collecting works as it did on Kamaels, but no longer are needed for Kamaels, only for buffer classes.

- These buff bottles may be used solely for the collector, or they may sell them to other players.


What about my skills?


- When and how you learn your skills will be completely revamped.

- You will be able to learn new skills every 5 levels.

- You will not learn skills the "retail" order. Skills are given to each class by our choosing, you might learn Triple Sonic Slash as a gladiator at level 5.

- You may not learn skills in order, but for the most part the skills for each class will remain retail. (Ex: Destroyer will have frenzy, Spoilers will have spoil. We're not mix matching or adding custom skills)

- All skills you learn until max level(level 30) will be level 1, ONE! Yes, one.

wait what? So how can I level my skills?

*Skill leveling system is the most advanced part of building your character. To increase the level of your skill, you must prove that you can use it.

  • You cannot start leveling skills until your character is max level (30).
  • You will need a lot of SP(Skill Points) to increase the level of each of your skills past level 1.
  • Obviously Skill Points are obtained by killing. Monsters, but also here PvP gives SP.
  • Max level of skills are level 10 per skill(Could increase in future chapters/updates)
    more info on this soon..


What kind of areas/zones will be available?


- In the beginning ONLY Dion township and surrounding hunting grounds will be available.

- Sociability is important, especially in our world because without a bit of team work and a community, the world is doomed. Although its your choice to work alone or with others.

- If you try to detour out of the designated areas you will be punished.

Punished? "I ain't scared.."

*Well you better be because the Dion Military does not joke around.(more info on that soon)







Have any feedback? Opinions? Ideas? Rage QQ? We'd like to hear it!


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But this thread will be like



I don't like the prospect of increasing levels with future updates. It's what NCsoft did. Sure when it began it was ok, exciting and stuff. But now you really get the picture and realize that it's just an artificial way of keeping you in the game. The "korean RPG" way.


I hope you think of more clever ways of player retention.


Also, if instead of leaving the skill lvling till 30, making it accessible any time but at a very, very large cost, you give players the choice of investment into 1 skill, or a variety. This allows players to specialize or become a jack of all trades. This allows a particular class to diverge.

Ex. A gladiator can specialize to do burst damage by investing heavily into TSS, or spread even between AOE and utility skill to synergize with TSS.

Creating an SP spending cap, this would be an interesting choice character build wise.


Anywho - worth keeping an eye on.

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