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Hello guys and gals!

I'd like to present our new Lineage 2 - High Five server project.

First, the common informations:


Safe Enchant: 7

Max Enchant: Unlimited (65535)

Exp Rate: x15

Sp Rate: x15

Enchant Rates:

  • Normal - 66%
    Blessed - 85%
    Crystal - 100%
    + Special Event-Enchants - 98% Success

Party Exp: x2

Drop: x20

Raid Drop: x3

Adena: x80


GM Shop till S grade

Noblesse buyable

Offline Trade / Craft enabled

S80/S84 Craftable (moderate difficulty - not farming retail-like)

High Crafting-Exp

Custom Champion-drops

Buffer with basic buffs

Active staff

Clan-migration special (See forums)


We are a mid-rate server with some retail-like influence. We are not giving away stuff for free like some high rate servers, you got to work for your gear here.

Good thing about this: You can be proud about everything you achieve, and it's not "retail". You don't farm 300 hours for one armor part.

However, we paid attention on one important thing: Every class should be usefull. That's the reason we doesn't have 3 hours bufftime and you need a dwarf to craft your endgame-gear.


And that's basically it. We're constantly growing and developing, so that's not the "end". We haven't got much custom-stuff, and we won't ever have it.


If you want to join, we are looking forward to meet you. ^_^



Administrator - DarkBlackX

Administrator / Developer - Kayuko


Website: L2 Dremolus


Note: We are currently not looking for any more GM's or Developers. Don't even bother asking.

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Made some minor changes:


Changed Bufftime to 1 hour. (Except Pride of Kamael)

Added "Victory of Pa'agrio","Eye of Pa'agrio" and "Pa'agrio's Fist" to the Npc-Buffer


Added Weapons to GM Shop


Dark Legion's Edge (Non-SA) [Crafting Purpose]

Samurai Long Sword (Focus)

Samurai Long Sword (Critical Damage)

Samurai Long Sword (Haste)


Changed droprates:


Drop changed from 1 to 20

Spoil changed from 1 to 20

Champreward changed from 80 to 20

Adena changed from 10 to 80


Changed the D-Grade dual from GM Shop to the best one.

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First of all: I'm very sorry for the issues with the webpage. The provider had some issues, it should be fixed now.


Second: We've got a bunch of changes.


Tattoo's stats changed:

  • "Tattoo of Blood" has been nerfed from +10% M.Atk to +6% M.Atk
  • Both Tattoos got a new stat, causing reduced skill-reuse time of 20%

The item "Holy Water" was only available at Lv2 Hellbound Stage prior to the update. It's now available for all Lv's.


Crafting system has drastically changed:

  • All recipes now got a 100% chance.
  • Masterwork-rate has been increased a lot.
  • Crafting exp has been highered.

Subclass maxlevel increased to 86 (Lv 85, 100%)


Clan waiting times have been removed. (Disbanding, Leaving, Rejoining, etc.)


Grandbosses will now spawn every 24 hours.


We've also got a new npc with a few nice features:

  • Removing Seal
  • Subclass Change
  • Weapon upgrade
  • Armor upgrade
  • Foundation Varnishing
  • She's also selling Soul Crystals (Lv 14-18) and upgrade materials.
  • Fixed the pet-buff-option of the npcbuffer. It'll now work properly.

Added basic methods for Chamber of Delusions. We are still working on it, tho.

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Project seems clumpsy...best of luck anyway mate.

Just saying that since it's a mid rate(x15) having safe ench +7 is a bit......you get my point.

The tattoo thingy is a matter of taste,some may like others may not.(im pretty sure the majority won't like it)

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So, we haven't had a changelog for a while cuz I was pretty busy, that means there might be things in it you already know, but I added them anyways.




Kamaloka will now maintain the buff-state at entering.


Changed the Masterwork-Chest stat's a little.


You now no longer need to do a quest to enter Grandbosses.


Changed the Magic-Failure rate. Fear and Anchor will no longer land with 100% Success.


Re-implemented Geodata to avoid bugs regarding Valakas' Fear skill.


Changed some more GM Shop prices that could be abused.


We updated to a newer core and dp revision to give me a better development enviroment. This might cause some bugs that weren't there before as well as missing features. Feel free to report them.






Added Gordon (Teleporter for NC)


Added a custom dungeon zone (non-instanced, info's can be found here.)


Added Chamber of Delusions. It's not fully working, but it's ready to be farmed.



Client-sided changes


Changed some enchant colors. Not done yet, tho.


Changed item descriptions of:


  • Festival Adena
  • Glittering Medal
  • Tutorial Guide (now known as Master Guide)
  • Sealed Vesper Tunic of Chaos (formally known as Sealed Moirai Tunic of Chaos)


PS: Please refrain from stupidity in this thread, thanks.

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