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Amida Nguyen

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Open beta: 20 - 06 - 2013


News: http://news.l2wow.com


Patch: http://l2wow.com/download


Server Information:


Login & Web server:


    Xeon Quad Core E3-1230 3.20Ghz


    2x120GB SSD - RAID 1

    Bandwidth 100Mbps

    Data transfer - unlimited

    OS: Windows server 2008 Standard

    Data center: VDC2


Game server (x2 balance):


    Xeon Quad Core Nehalem E5620 2.40Ghz


    2x120GB SSD - RAID 1

    Bandwidth 100Mbps

    Data transfer - unlimited

    OS: Windows server 2008 Standard

    Data center: VDC2


Building 1 server locate at Singapore and 3 server locate at Netherland, only one database


Rates, Features, Protection:




        Experience: x13

        Skill Points: x13

        Adena: x10

        Drop: x6

        Spoil: x6

        Raid Drop Item: x2

        Raid Drop Jewely: x1

        Grand Boss Drop: x1

        Quest Drop: x1 - x3

        Quest Reward: x3

        Rate Extract Fish: x3

        Party Bonus rate: 1.30;1.30;1.30;1.30;1.30;1.30;2.00;2.10;2.20

        Manor: x3

        Safe Enchant: 3

        Max Enchant: 16

        Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 55%

        Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 66%

        Element Stone Rate: 50%

        Element Crystal Rate: 30%


    Features & Customs:


        Max Buff A-beep-t: 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration)

        Dances & Songs: 12

        Trigger Buffs: 12

        Buff time: 2h

        Mana Potions 1000mp restore, reuse 13s

        Shift click in mobs to see their droplist, Images included.

        Auto Loot: Enabled

        Auto Loot from Raids: Disabled

        Drop Protection: Enabled

        Spoil & Drop from blue mobs: Enabled

        Player Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds

        Max Subclasses: 3

        Max 1st Subclass Level: 85

        Subclass Without Quest

        Nobless with retail Quest

        Olympiad Period is 2 Weeks, every 1 and 15 new heroes.

        Auto Learn Skills excluding FGS

        Hellbound is set to level 11

        Fortress Siege

        Delusion Chamber

        Pailaka instances

        Kamaloka instances

        Castle Siege

        Seven Signs Epic Quests

        Seed of Destruction with Radboss Tiat working retail like

        Seed of Infinity with Twins - retail like (level 85 character allowed)

        Seed of Anihilation with Radbosses Dopagen,Torumba and Taclakan working retail like

        Ripper- GM Shop: Armors, Weapons and Jewels up to S-Grade. Misc and consumables included.

        Star - Global Gatekeeper: Unique designed Global Gatekeeper with all Towns & Areas & Gracia Areas & much more usefull areas.

        Lazy Cat - Class Master: 1st class transfer Cost: 130,000 Adena. 2nd class transfer Cost: 1,300,000 Adena. 3rd class transfer Cost: 13,000,000 Adena + 1,300,000 Ancient Adena + 1 Book of Giants

        Community Board Buffer: Player & Servitor (Pet) Community Board Buffer including Schemes PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats,Dwarfs! (No Kamael).

        Blacksmith & Merchant Mammons: Custom Mammons with unique design which allow you to use every function that normal Mammons have. Located in Giran-Aden Towns.

        Andromeda the Wedding Manager: Andromeda is located in Giran & Aden major towns and is the executive of marriage for all players.

        High Five Dragon Valley


        High Five Lair of Antharas

        Offline trade/craft/shops


        Forgotten Scrolls

        Vitality system

        My Teleports

        Reward from voting in game


    Grand Boss:














        Team vs Team

        Group vs Group


        Capture the Flag




        LameGuard - Antibot Protection

        Web Server DoS/DDoS Protection

        Login Server DoS/DDoS Protection

        Game Server DoS/DDoS Protection



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