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[L2J]Bfdr Server started Successfully with 1300+


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Official start date – April 27th!

April 20th, 2013 | Author: admin

The starting date has been confirmed. Our C6 x75 server will be starting on April 27th.



Exp: x75

SP: x75

Adena: x50

Seal Stones x10

Drop: х30

Spoil: х30

RB Exp/SP: x3

Custom RB drop system (72+ lvl raids have 60% chance to drop a single full item, lower lvl raids have 60% chance to drop up to 3 items)

Epic RB Drop: x3 (jewelry 1x)

Quest Drop: 3-5x (S grade quest rates – 3x)

Quest Reward: 1x


Here is the detailed custom feature list:

Auto-skill learn up to 76lvl

Smart NPC Buffer (3rd class buffs included. No pet+resist buffs)

Buff limit: 28 + 4 (with divine inspiration books)

Mana Pots (usable only non-flagged, 1 second reuse)

GM-Shop up to B Grade

Offline Shop System

Battleground System

1 week olympiad period

Various Custom Events(TVT/CTF etc.)

Dynamic random events that happen randomly

1-3 Occupation change without quest

No Sub-Class Quest

Services NPC (Name change, PK cleaning, Inventory expansion and so on)

Premium gatekeeper


Raid boss respawns (in hours):


Queen Ant respawn: 20 + 4 random

Core respawn: 24 + 4 random

Orfen respawn: 24 + 4 random

Zaken respawn: 24 + 12 random

Baium respawn: 72 + 4 random

Antharas respawn:168 + 4 random

Valakas respawn:192 + 4 random



Barakel respawn time: 6 + 4 random

Standard raid boss respawns: 6 + 6 random





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