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[L2j]DarknessVoice Stucksub 200 (Online)


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Hello MXC


L2 Darknessvoice is a low/mid rate server using the stucksub classe system (main+1) with a fully balanced classes (all skills reworked and tested)

- you need to kill golkonda to add a subclasse

-buffs slot 20 +4

-debuff slot 6 cast only

-buffs time 20

- the server is using craft system you can find untill c grad weap in shop

(no costume gmshop or buffer)

-verry active staff

-1st and 2nd classe items are in shop (or you can add in classe master for a little more a-beep-t of adena )

-you need to kill a boss (Golkonda) to add subclasse


Server Rates!

* Experience: x20

* Sp Experience: x20

* Party Experience: x1.5

* Party Sp Experience: x1.5

* Adena: x30

* Subclasses = main+ 1

* Max Alliances = clan+ 3



Enchant rates!

* Max Enchant = +16 for all scrolls

* Safe Enchant = +3 for all scrolls

* Normal enchant scroll rate = 56%

* Blessed enchant scrool rate = 68%

* Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke

* Blessed Scroll - If Enchant Fails items not broke just retuns to safe

* Scrolls/LS/BOGS stackable



Dedicated Info!

* CPU: 2x i7 990x (12 cores)

* RAM: 32 GB DDRIII 2133 ECC Memory

* HD: 120x3 SSD Hard Drive!

* BW: 1000 Mbps

* GR: 40 mb/s minium conection for international people.



Web : http://l2.darknessvoice.coml


FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/L2DVl


Server Down the reopning will be in 27/04


what's new ?!!


classe manager

-1st Classe for 400k

-2nd classe for 1kk

-adding pc bang point to buy some c grad equipment

-Removing the mobs stat (Making them Easy to kill )

- adding comands (/invite /unstuck etc..)

-Using advertising expert

-Will Recruting 2x GameMasters Since it's internations server  !!! ( More info at the facebook page)

- Forum is working ...

For More NeWS : join us at https://www.facebook.com/L2DVl




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Nice features, but i cant see the reason of join here and not in 1 of 200 same servers like that, i cant see any difference between all other servers

Good Question  >:D

Why to join  : 1st of all we dont have many Costume npc (buffer , gmshop ..etc) So you want find kids and  newbies

                      2nd  a stable server with ddos protection (antiboot ,etc...)

                      3rd you want wast 2 or more  your life leveling  or farming and and the next day you'll find a kids with full +16  :rage:

                      4th  20/24 hours day staff

                      5th if you like low/mid rate server you should give it a shot ;) and dont forget the Clans who's waiting for the count down ,if you're not too good to play against them dont Joine  :troll:

                      6th skills and characters fully balanced , 99% uptime , and dont forget the Sieges and Olly you'll  fight against clans formed 6 years ago  ;D

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fail from the beggening . at least 50 online bealive me :)  :-beep- yeah:

with a massive advertisment it won't ,we are advertising to success  O0


Can't log in forums .... Have you run a public beta test?

20/04/2013  even we already test every skills every classe every bot etc ..


On x20 server there should be atleast 300+ active ppl so it wont die in first week. Advertise it as much as possible plox i wanna play on good stacksub so facking much.

+1 you need at least 300++ active (i'm doing my best a masive advertisment)

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