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L2J Midfarm - PvP server


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- Instant LvL 80

- B grade items at startup

- A grade farm

- Bosses with S grade items

- Custom Boss Zones

- Craft system for S grade items

- Custom Material farm zone

- PvP Zone

- PvP reward

- Vote reward

- Weekly Hero change



Automated Events


- Death Mtach

- Team vs Team

- Capture the Flag

- Town War


Enchant system7


- Max enchant: +8

- Normal enchant Scroll: 1->100%; 2->100%; 3->100%; 4->90%; 5->80%; 6->60%; 7->35%; 8->5%;

- Blessed enchant Scroll: 1->100%; 2->100%; 3->100%; 4->100%; 5->90%; 6->70%; 7->50%; 8->15%;




Homepage: Soon!

Open date: Undecided


Keep watching this post for updates. (OFC if you are itrested)



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I had a server 2 years ago, than i invested a lot of money into advertisment, but hopzone banned the server for no reason, and there was about 40 ppl online just. With a lot of advertisement. I learned that not a lot of ppl come from if i spend a lot of money.


By the way it will run from dedi server, with great ddos protection (hope that its as great as the dedi host say)


And a little bit update in the enchant: It will +12 the max ench, coz with this enchant, its easy to ugrade to +5 but theres not so much difference +5 to +8 and no one will fight for +8 if you can pwn the whole server with +5 set. I guess this. What you think about it?

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