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Http://l2Bios.zzl.org new PvP Server Interlude


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Server Rates for PvP Server:

L][ BioS


Experience: 5000x

Skill Points: 5000x

Adena Drop: 5000x

Item Drop 1000x


Safe Enchant : +5

Weapon Max Enchant : +20

Armor Max Enchant : +20

Jewels Max Enchant : +20


Enchant Weapon : 75%

Enchantt Armor : 75%

Enchant Jewels :75%

Blessed Enchant: 95%



Server Features:



* Auto-Learn Skills

* Balanced Classes

* Wedding System

* Clan Hall System

* Clan Penalty 1 day

* Castle Siege System

* No Weight Penalty

* No Grade Penalty

* New character start with 100kk adena

* Sub-Class System

* Noblesse System

* Hero System

* Duel System

* Augmentation System

* Max Subclasses = 3

* Max Subclass level = 80

* Max Alliances = 3

* All Noblesse Skills

* All Hero Skills

* All Augmentation Skills

* All flood protections

* Retail-Like Enchant Skills System

* Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 3 Hour

* C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills

* Interlude Skills 99% Working

* All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters

* All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations

* Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah

* Unstuck Command 10 seconds

* Gold Bar System



Server Events :



* TvT Event




Custom Coins :



* Event Points Reward

* Vote Item Reward

* PC Bang Item Reward

* Farm Item Reward

* PvP Item Reward

* Pk Item Reward



Extra Edits :


* Custom Armor Intact

* Custom Armor L2Bios

* Custom Weapons Dusk

*  Custom Tattoo for Mage

*  Custom Tattoo for Fighter



Custom Npc's :



* Custom Buffer

* Global Gatekeeper

* GM Shop

* Symbol Manager

* Life Stone Trader

* Class Manager

* Dyes Manager

* Weding Manager

* Coin Manager

* Top Players List NPC Info

* About Server NPC Info

* NPC Vote Reward exchanger

* Pk Killer



Custom Zones :


* Custom Farm Zones x1

* Custom Farm Adena Zone x2

* Custom Boss Zone x1

* Custom PvP Zone x1



Custom Commands :


* .tvtjoin

* .tvtleave

* .ctfjoin

* .ctfleave

* .repair


Vote 4 Us Server



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[GR] den kserw ton server dn exw mpei k oute prokite alla epidi prp na eisai 12xrono gia pes m ti einai gia esena BALANCE gia eksigise m to na dw ti ennoeis [GR]


[gr]O archeras na kanei ston mage 12k dmg :P...Standar kana tetio tha pei [gr]

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[gr]esu tora tou tn eipes ? malon esu den 3ereis ti einai to balance[gr]


[gr] esena re zown apo ekei pios s milise? kai ti den kserw apo balance kolozow...Ironika to ipa gia ton palikaro p leei 0 balance.

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