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[share]If your PK doing a big head

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We are doing everything in the file L2PcInstance.java

After a string: pk = (L2PcInstance) killer;

add pk.startAbnormalEffect(ABNORMAL_EFFECT_BIG_HEAD);





To change - go to the method of setKarma(int karma)

and make checks


if (karma = 0)


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should be if (karma==0)


Thx for sharing it, try to make something bigger next time, what would u say about creating this:

When guy1 pked guy2 and there is 9 or more level difference between them, name of the pker is announced.

I think that its not that usefull but it may be good for u if u wanna learn :)

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Check this post, to define an variable do this:

Object x = 9;


And if statement uses == to compare and get a boolean, in if statement you must need to use a boolean as parameter:

int IO = 0; 
boolean bol = (IO == IO+1); //This will be false


another example can be (Thanks to Zoey76, from l2jserver):

String IO = "Hello world";
String IO2 = "Hello world";
// The variable has the same value, they are equal but not == cause these aren't the same object.
if(IO == IO2) //This will be false
if(IO.equals(IO2)) //Will be true


Java is simple, you must need to listen and read.


@Offtopic: Cause I hate MELERIX, RLY HATE HIM (Agression level 99).

Whatever i don't know what is wrong whit L2jServer. DP leader just use a paraser to do him work but never deleted old mobs from DB (I have done it in 1 day) HOW IT CAN BE POSSIBLE?. I guess L2jServer must need to change or add DP devolpers.


I hope this will be useful for you.

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