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interlude l2meditation ?


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advertise everywhere ?


yesterday counter was saying that start is today :




today its saying :




so wtf is wrong with those servers ?


are they going to be up or anythink ?

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It's up now but constantly crashing and apparently full of bugs.


Considering how much fuss was made - not really impressive.


The CB is tidy, but not neat. Has everything, but it's not obvious. So people run around not knowing wtf is going on.

Old and new buffs in buffer - prolly gonna be imbalanced as fk.


But wth.

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Our Staff Working Now on Goddess Of Destruction Server

Please be patient and check our interlude website delay

The Interlude Server grand opening at 18/06/12 100%

Thanks for understanding!


dunno wtf is wrong there ? so its up or not ?

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I think the Group mobs are for lvling up.


More strong mobs would make the farm boring.

+1 . But the server is fail .. They opened it for 40 min s and close it  .... I'm waiting since 2 day's

The GM's dont care about the community ....

Furst 40 min live there has 150 ppl online .... But since the ppl see that the GM's dont care and disprespect them there will be no more than 50 ppl online  ... NIce job ... QQ

Go play football or something don't make retarded servers .....

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