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interlude [L2J]L2Nevada Interlude PvP x3000


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Hello all,as Title says L2Nevada will be Soon Online with a lot of Features !

We was thinking if it should be a Custom Server with Crazy stat or a Non Custom  with normal stat,then I thought adding lot of custom armor/weapon Sets BUT with S Grade Stat.

An Example : Light apella stat = Dragonic Armor stat ,Apella Heavy stat = Imperial stat!

I Hope you understand and you Like it :)


General Info :

Client : Interlude

Mode : PvP x3000

Project Name : L2Nevada

Project in Use : L2JFrozen


Server Rates :

Experience: 3000

Spexperience: 3000

Party Experience: 100

Party Spexperience: 100

Adena: 1000

Drop Item Karma: 10

Consumable Cost: 1

Drop Seal Stones: 1

Drop Spoil: 1

Drop Manor: 1


Enchant Rates :

Safe/Max : 5/20

Normal :75%

Blessed :100%

Agument Top Ls Rate : 23%


Game Specs :

Interlude (C6)

Fully Interlude Working Skills

Castle Siege System 100% Working

Clan Hall system 100% Working

Olympiad Cicle 1 Week

Sub-Class System (Max SubClass : 3 )

Good Community (we hope)

24/7 Uptime

Dual Box Allowed x2

Wedding System 100% Working

Active Server Staff

Geodata-Panthode 100% Working

Weapon Augmention (1 active & 1 passive)

Augmentation Attack skills Rause 3 Sec

Augmentation Skills 100% Working

Custom Start Up Zone

Custom Start Title

Max LvL 80

Max Buff slots (40+6 Debuff)

No Corruptions

Custom Farm Areas

Custom PvP Areas

No Weight Penalty

No Grade Penalty

No Death Penalty

Instant Level 20

Max Clans in ally - 3

Clan Penalty - No Penalty

Ally Penalty - No Penalty

Members in clan for war - 10

Members for increase clan - 15

Starting Adena (300.000.000)

Announce Castle Lord on Enter

Announce Heros on Enter

PvP Name Color System : 50/100/200/500/1000

Bank System

PcBang System

Rebirth System

Wedding System

Balance Between all Classes

L2Nevada Custom Farm Item

Daily Backups!


Custom NPC's :





-Dye manager


-Boss Status


-Karma Killer

-Clan manager

-Nobles manager

-Custom shop

-Staff Info

-Class Manager

-TvT Manager

-CTF Manager

-DM Manager

-Class Manager

-Rebirth Manager

-Wedding Manager

-Top PvP/Pk Manager

-Skill Enchanter Manager


Balance :

Range Fixed.

70% Skills Fixed.

Critical Strikes Fixed.

Augement Skills fully Fixed.


Commands :









Events :

-TVT (10:00,13:00,16:00,19:00,22:00)

-CTF (11:00,14:00,17:00,20:00,23:00)

-DM (12:00,15:00,18:00,21:00,24:00)

-TW (Once a day)

-Lucky Chests


-GM events too


Protection :

-Flood Protection

-L2 Walker Protection

-Olympiad Protection

-Events Protection

-Spawn Protection 7 Sec

-PvP Farming Protection

-Buff Delay Protection


Website : Not Available

Forum : Not Available

Grand Opening Date : 14/07/2012

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nothing special...:(

True its Just Mass PvP , I'm not doing it for donations or something else Just for Fun!

14/07/2012 ????

yes Its Summer man

I will go holidays


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