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interlude L2Scren Mid


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Exp: 70x | Sp: 70x | Adena: 70x | Items: 35x | Drop Quest: 30x | Spoil: 45x




Interlude Server stable server, NEW START !


* Completed C4 / C5 / Interlude skills


* Custom Shops with full c4, c5, Interlude, items


* Custom Teleporter with all Zones


* Full C4 / C5 / Interlude Mobs + Raids


* 3 subclasses for 1 character


* Geodata server: new smart quality geodata


* Auto Class Master


* Full C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, Int, spawnlist and mobs


* Clan Hall and Casltes are now working 100%


* Duel system working


* Zariche/Akamanah working


* Community board working


* Augmentation working


* The chance to get a skill in the augmentation process is 10%


* Delay from augmentation(attack) skills increased to 3 sec


* You can put only one augument in buff bar


* Away system mode on


* Banking system mode on


* Offline trade/craft system mode on




GM Shop B Grade


GK Teleport:Catacombe:20-80 Levels


Quest Noblesse:normal start Town Aden Talien. Npc Buffer:Maxim slot 32, time buff 2h


Class Free 20/40/76 Npc


Sieges all weekends










*Max weapon: 16


*Max armor: 16


*Max jewelry: 16


*Normal scroll: 58%


*Blessed scroll: 66%








*Karma player can be killed in peace zone


*Karma player can use shop


*Karma player can use teleport


*Karma player can use trade


*Karma player can use warehouse








*Penality For Leave other clan 24h


*Joining another clan


*Create a new clan


*Joining another alliance


*Create a new alliance








*Olympiad start time at 18:00 (6 pm)


*Olympiad compeition period is 6 hours


*Hero is chosen every weeks


*Custom Olympiad engine.ry 2 weeks


*Custom Olympiad engine.

Website  http://l2-scren.sytes.net/

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If your going to use a free site atleast use the best, jesus it took 5 minutes for everything to load for me. (000webhost I recommend if you can't get an actual host)

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