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New boards added , coming soon new moderators types....

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scaled.php?server=850&filename=yunob.png&res=crop y u no?


scaled.php?server=201&filename=seriousg.png&res=cropyou  serious?


scaled.php?server=69&filename=pokerjk.png&res=crop poker face




scaled.php?server=842&filename=notbadn.png&res=crop not bad


scaled.php?server=440&filename=lulsec.png&res=crop good sir


scaled.php?server=24&filename=lolgcn.png&res=crop lol


scaled.php?server=163&filename=lied.png&res=crop i lied


scaled.php?server=41&filename=happyforever.png&res=crop happy forever alone


scaled.php?server=42&filename=gustan.png&res=crop me gusta


-beep-yeanz.png -beep- yea!(like a boss)


-beep-that.png -beep- that


scaled.php?server=571&filename=coolfacegif.png&res=crop trollface


image.png NO.


2a5lyqt.png If you know what i mean










scaled.php?server=256&filename=aloneh.png&res=crop forever alone

me gusta.

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http://www.laymark.com/emoticons.onion.php they are not exactly like these , but they are used in many forums.

no please no. they will look ugly, they have white background and you cant cut it because is gif and also those emoticons are for kids. Lets not add now all the smiles in the world.

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Make a board where every month the most active/sharing/popular/friendly people would be listed and the awards would be added in their profiles later on ( ie. Most Active Member Of February 2012)

That way new members and old ones would want to submit shares and generally rally to the top ---> MxC Revived.




Last but not least , jesus christ buy a Mumble server for MxC members. It can't cost THAT much.( If Mumble has only a few members in it , you can delete it.)

Stop talking about promote/demote , since a good forum is a democratical one...



For low level ranks like Gold/GFX/LoL/AION/WOW/L2 you better create a topic where only people with 200+ posts can vote , AND not in secret , but in posting down the names. Then you get the sum , divide it and voila.


For High Level Ranks such as Game Moderator, Global Moderator and "Art" Moderator , you can have the same thing , but with anonymous vote here , where only people in the Staff Section can vote.


Dunno if you agree with me. Take a look however.

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clap, clap.


btw someone made a nice suggestion about advertising in one of these "forum renaissance"-related topics. There are quite many people that own radio stations, blogs, networks, websites etc here so they could help promote the forum. Of course, Maxtor has to reward them somehow to give them a motive.

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no u didnt but have u thinked of lagg that this smileys could make?

Uhm...The lag is caused by the corrupt databse due to the DDOS attacks imo. I dont think adding new emoticons could cause a notable amount of lag. We will see.

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