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interlude Gamers-Hell.com Interlude x75 25th of May


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Hello and Welcome to our Lineage2 Interlude Harmonia International server.

Tired of tons of customs? Not balanced gameplay? Corrupted gamemasters? Join us and we will help you to forget it. We know what you need!


Starting on 25th of May, 2012 - 18:00h GMT+2!


Some information about main features:

# Chronicle: Interlude

# Server uptime: 24/7

# Server is protected against third-party software by well-known anticheat system.

# Dualbox is allowed, but only seven accounts per computer. (Anticheat protected)

# Offline trade/craft enabled.

# We have 100% working Geodata.

# Buff yourself with - .buff command.

# GMShop accessable with - .buy command.

# For global gatekeeper, use - .gk command.

# For character settings, use - .menu command.

# Buffer, gmshop and global gatekeeper works only in town.

# Skills learn type: Auto.

# Remote class transfer.

# We also added Class Manager NPC in every town. You may change your class to 1st, 2nd and 3rd for free.

# No quest for sub-class.

# Full Nobless quest.

# All other quests working retail like.

# Retail like, fully working AIs. (Grandbosses, raidbosses, other npcs)

# Retail like, epic (castle / clanhall) sieges.

# Retail like olympiads. New heroes every Sunday.


Information about our server rates:

# All raidbosses/grandbosses respawn time: Retail like

# Buff slots: 24+4

# Buff duration: 2 hours.

# Experience: x75

# Experience in party: x1.5

# Pet experience: x75

# Skill Points: x75

# Adena Drop: x150

# Item Drop: x40

# RaidBoss Item Drop: x15

# GrandBoss Item Drop: x1

# Spoil Drop: x40

# RaidBoss Spoil Drop: x15

# GrandBoss Spoil Drop: x1

# Consumables Cost: x2

# Manor Drop: x10

# Quest Drop/Reward: x15


# Enchant Safe/Max: +3 | +16

# All type scrolls enchant chance: 66%


Website: http://gamers-hell.com

Forums: http://forum.gamers-hell.com

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These things ruin your mid rate server:

No mana

No buffer

No buff time

No global gatekeeper

No A grade equipment (s sucks ,actually you can even disable it)

Enchant 25 ? star wars interlude? ,i was thinking about 18 max lol or 10 min

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Who gives a shit? There is a bunch of crappy servers with buffer and other crap, go play there.


This isn't a pvp server, you must craft A/S.


+25 enchant limit is okay, but we'll make vote in forums for that.

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