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[Guide] How to fix the rates


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step 1


Remove from the hltoolz HERE


step 2


Open the program and go in Ping Tweaks




step 3


Put the speed in which we uploadspeed and download speed in KBits / s.

For example if we have 2mbps download and 0.5 mbps upload put in 2000 to download and 500 upload.

The speed we can find from Here




Step 4


To apply the settings in cs without losing the old go to the folder cstrike "C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steamapps \ Username \ counter-strike \ cstrike"

and create a file and store simeiomatariou named rates.cfg Halo or something in place rates.

Within this we write


rate "in the price rate"
cl_updaterate "The value in the update rate"
mp_decals "The price Decals"
cl_rate "The value in the Client rate"
cl_cmdrate "The value in Cmd rate"
cl_cmdbackup "The value in cmdbackups






Step 5


To get on the arrangements we have only to write to the console cs exec rates.cfg or name that we put in the config.



I think it works better in cs after that but I'm not sure 100 of 100

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