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interlude L2Versage Interlude PvP L2j Based


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Welcome To L2Versage Interlude Private Java Server


Basic Server Rates




Experience: 1000




Party experience:2


Party Esperience:2




Enchant Informations



Safe Enchant +5

Max Enchant +20

Normall Scroll Chance 66%

Blessed Scrolls Chance 100%

Crystall Scroll Chance 100%




Augmentation System


Mid Grade Lifestone Chance 8%

High Grade Lifestone Chance 10

Top Grade Lifestone Chance 20%






Custom SHOP



Skill Enchanter

PvP-PK Ranking


PvP Gatekeeper

Symbol Maker

Nobless Manager

Class Manager

Server Info

Donation Manager

Siege Informer




Basic Informations


C6 GamePlay

Fully Interlude Working Skills

All Raid Bosses-Grand raid Bosses retail like

Castle Sieges

Retail Olympiad Gameplay

Olympiad Cicle 1 Week

Max subclasses 3

No Lag

Good Community (we hope)

Good Uptime

Dual Box Allowed x3

Active Server staff

Useless Account will be deleted after 3 months


Weapon Augmention

Custom Start Up Zone

Max LvL 80

Max Buff slots 60

No Corruptions

Mana potions

Stuck Augment

Hero skills on subclass

Farm zones

Auto nobless

Anti-heavy system for daggers-archers




Custom Items


Custom Armors-Weapons Removed


We have added apella armor with a little increased stats,a little better than a-s grade


Tattoo of mage-tattoo of fighter

Weapons retail like


PVP/PK Informations


Pvp/pk announcement

PV/PK Reward

PvP/PK Ranking

Killing spree system



Player's Announcement


Announce Hero character

Announce Castle Lord Character

Announce Top Pvp character

Announce Donators

Announce Currently Online Players



Basic Vote Informations


Topzone Vote system reward 5 Topstone items

Hopzone Vote system reward 5 Hopstone Items

TOP 200

TOP 100






Basic Event Informations


Tvt event every 4 hours

ctf event every 4 hours

dm event every 4 hours


*All events has custom server reward














Protections In-Out of Game


L2Walker protection

Pvp farming protection

Event protection

Olympiad protection

Buff protection

spawn protection

flood protection

ddos protection ( under construction)




Currency Items


Clan reputation item

Vote Item

Farm Item

Event item

Nobless item



Farming Informations


Farm zone 1 easy

farm zone 2 medium

safe zone hard

Custom farming item

Custom farming info npc



Custom l2versage server is under construction



website: http://l2versage.com

forum: http://l2versage.com/forum  Currently disabled

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never and that's for the better


better try to find another place to spam,u dont know anything about us,our server,as supreme said to you "go in your cave" here and 1-2 hour u are spamming to server topics,get a life.

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