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INSERT INTO global_tasks ( id , task , type , last_activation , param1 , param2 , param3 ) VALUES ('', 'restart', 'TYPE_SHEDULED', '0', '43200000', '', '');



we are on L2OFF Section not L2J !!


//ontopic i dont know ..

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i found this :

This is a open-source contribution from isoGames to other wonderful server admins that contribute to this open source community. We share with the intention that others will continue to share.






The following resources will assist you in creating a auto-restart system for your Lineage II server services. The system is designed so that each part of the Lineage II system services can be started & recovered in a certain sequence, with delay for certain services as well as toggling of the Windows Firewall so players cannot access the server until it is finished loading.


The system operates on the isoGames servers and allows for the completely unattended running of a Lineage II server system.


Upon installation, you will probably need to change paths and perhaps startup delays to match your own unique server configuration.



[1] Windows 2003 Server (not tested on 2000)

[2] Administrator, Remote Desktop Access

[3] Firedaemon Service Manager

[4] Common Sense


Get the 1.6 Firedaemon version at;





Tools & Software Included


Console application that externally monitors the Lineage II service to make sure it is running. If it doesn't respond, it initiates a restart.


The application is a simple console application that accepts command line arguments. Running the application will print out the arguments it accepts. You can set the name of the service, how often in seconds you want it to check, and also you can even force it to restart no matter what after X seconds elapse. For instance, if you wanted to initiate an auto restart every 24 hours, you can set the seconds to 86400 and add the force restart command line option. The application can be run in multiple instances.



Closes the port that players connect through so the server load does not crash the game server while NPC is loading. Called by the "lineage" service before it starts up.



Starts the firewall deactivation service.



Service XML for Cached - used to create the windows service through firedaemon for easy setup. Points to cached.exe



Called when the lineage game server crashes or is restarted by the external monitoring binary. Stops NPC server. Called by the service "lineage" at service shutdown.



Service XML for external monitoring binary - Points to srvrst.exe



Opens the port to allow players to connect. Called by service "l2walloff" and is set to have a pre-launch delay of 350 seconds.



Service XML for batch file - Points to l2walloff.bat



Service XML for "lineage" service - points to l2server.exe



Service XMl for "lineagenpc" service - points to l2npc.exe


Installation & Configuration

Special Connection via Remote Desktop

We run our lineage services as interactive windows services. This means that they are running as services, but you can see the applications running if you logon as the "Administrator" via the MSTSC console rather than the normal remote desktop. Logging on in this fashion will allow you to see the desktop as it would appear as if you were actually in front of the machine.


Logging on any other way through remote desktop will not give you access to see the application. Replace the text "host" in the directions below with the host name or ip address of your server box.




[1] Start->run

[2] mstsc /v:host /console

[3] OK


Copy & Extract Files

All files in this distribution are meant to be placed within the parent directory of your Lineage II executables. In other words, if your L2 server is in a location like D:\server\l2server.exe you would want to place the auto restart files in D:\


Install Firedaemon

Firedaemon is a great tool to make standard executable programs run as windows services. You can do allot with it, and is the only way to go when it comes to running your lineage services as windows services.




Consult the Firedaemon documentation for complete functionality and install procedures, but note that isoGames uses Firedaemon 1.6 rather than the new version 1.8 that you will end up using. The application looks slightly different but is mostly the same between the two versions. You will need to do your best in viewing our screen shots and applying them to the new version of Firedaemon.


Oh... and yes my nick is Firedaemon... they stole it from me I swear!


Installing Services

Open Firedaemon and click the "New Service Definition" icon.




Next, click the "Open a Service Definition File" and open "L2CACHED.xml"








Change your paths to the files if they differ from ours and then click install and then repeat the process for each additional xml file.


After you have each one imported, it should like the following;



Now, if all your services are in the stop state, simply start the "l2 restart monitor" and it will trigger the startup process of all the other services.


Also, since you are logged on as the Administrator under MSTSC, you will see the applications launch.


Note About Desktop Heap

If you are running Windows 32 Bit versions, there is an issue with Desktop heap that may or may not effect you. Windows 32 bit version only allows a maximum of 48MB to be shared between all desktops, including windows services. We have the services to run interactively with some, and non-interactive with others in order to spread out the usage of the desktop heap. Desktop heap can be a real **** and sometimes you may have to hack the registry to change the heap that is assigned to interactive and non-interactive desktops. You should not have a problem though with this config unless you have allot of NPCs with [names] longer than 16 characters. If you find you have desktop heap issues, just let me know and I can try to help you out with some advice.


Credits to



I hope to helped you

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Loipon black jack


3 posts stin seira kai akoma pio panw 2 posts stin seira


-1 karma


kala kaneis den vlepei ta 3 sinexomena post ?ante re paidia

8a mporouses na ton kaneis report.8a to parw san spam auto p ekanes,pare to san warning auto p s lew  ;)

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8a mporouses na ton kaneis report.8a to parw san spam auto p ekanes,pare to san warning auto p s lew  ;)


8a mporouse na to kanei...alla 8ewrw to warning kommataki uperboliko s auto to topic gia touto to user(btw exei ginei report auto hdh opote akuro warning)



sto 8ema twra me aplo search


http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=8133.msg58979#msg58979 :o :o :o


(search criteria/word: "autorestart")


k opws lew sto description -1karma oxi gia ta 3 post sthn seira alla gt den epsaxse h dn rwthse kapoion na ma8ei h na tou exshghsei k probainei se tetoies blakeies!


kala kaneis den exei kati p na borw na kanw autorestart ton server 2 fores tin mera p.x.?? ade re paidia help


topic locked






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