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Strider Race event. - With video.

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Hello everyone.


I want to sell an event, Strider Race event. It is coded 100% by me. Explanation:


Registrations open every x minutes(configurable). All players can register by typing .striderrace_join and leave by typing .striderrace_leave. After the registrations are closed, they all are teleported to event starting place and paralised for 20 seconds, also -beep-t strider. Then event starts and they have to go and double click on event ending npc. Then event ends and winner is announced. They can't un-beep-t their strider, exit or restart while event runs. Also they can't target anyone else or be targeted. If they try, they will just target their selves. If x minutes pass(configurable) and no winner is found, event ends in a tie.



# Strider race event.
AllowStriderRaceEvent = True
# Delay between event(eg. you put 60 the event will start every 60 minutes).
StriderRaceDelay = 60
# Registration time(in minutes).
StriderRaceRegistrationTime = 5
# Event running time.
# If this time passes and there is no winner, the event ends in a tie.
# Note: In minutes.
StriderRaceRunningTime = 5
# Winner reward.
StriderRaceWinnerRewards = 57,1000000;3470,5;

(About starting and ending place, i will add configs if someone decides to buy it, it's 1 min ;p.)


YOU have to spawn ending npc, i didn't code it to be auto spawned.


Payment methods:

- PayPal.

- PaySafe Card.


Payment way:

You give me the money, i give you the files.



5 euros.

(PaySafe Card 10 euros)


A video of the event:

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I recommend this guy,clean coding. ++

Thanks mate :)


100% trusted and a very smart and skilled person. i reccomend him ofc

Good luck bro :)

Thanks UnixCode.

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    • @Celestinewasnt this guy banned for selling shared stuff? 😄
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    • link off    anyone can share it ?   thks
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