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[AIO] All the working and NEW Client Mods inside

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Ok so as Grimson's AIO has only dead links and old shares + it is outdated i decided to create one.

This AIO topic has all the NEW shares and all the guides that ever shared here.

So here we go:




[share][interlude]Twilight Weapons (Full Pack) by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Illidan Dual Fists-Blades by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Skeleton Bow by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Serenity's Dagger by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Shadowmourne by Elfocrash

[CT2.5][CT2.6] All Shields Goddess of DesTructions by SHEV

[share][interlude] Fire Infernal Dual by I-LeO-I

[share] [interlude] God Weapons Chapter 2: Tauti - By Avengers Team by WilliamFS

[share][Freya & Hi5] Goddes of Destruction Weapons by CaddiLLac

[share] Black Chaotic Weapons [interlude] by CriticalError

[share] 5 new shield (Interlude) by dinamitt

[share] Vorpal Weapon Set (H5) by d0ds™ by d0ds™

[share][High 5]Aion Bow Xeon by I-LeO-I

[sHARE] Antiquity Weapons [C6] [by Urbanas] by Magaiveris

[share][interlude]All New Infinity Weapons from Goddess to C6 by johnscott

[Re-Share] Baionic Weapon for H5 {client side} by: d0ds™ by d0ds

[share] Vorpal Lava Zariche {client side} by d0ds™ by d0ds™

[share-Little]Skoup[interlude] by Devangell™

[share] Freya ICe Dual [interlude] by grazy

[share-Interlude] Desert Eagle Weapons by DAVC

[share] Lineage 2 TAUTI bow (Freya) by aVVe

[share]Dark Akaman Dual (Freya Client) by Oroshimaru

[share][interlude]Old Cartoon Weapons by Avengers Team by johnscott

[share Interlude ]R95 beranka Shield by byorion

[share Interlude ] Dimension Or Lance by byorion

[sHARE] Holy Swords Spenta Mainyu by Stefoulis15

[share]Anim Eye SHield Avenger Simple Shield [interlude] by Devangell™

[share]Interlude Genius set weapons... by milosina

[share][interlude]All Ixion Weapons to C6 by johnscott

[share] Custom Nokia Shield by MiddleMan

[share]Arch Bow Animations new[interlude] by Devangell™

[share] L2 Gold Weapons for Freya & Hi5 by Dev

[ CT2.5 Freya ] Colorful Dusk Shields by FaceOff

[share]Nokia 5310 Interlude by Devangell™

[sHARE] Black Vesper Weapons+ Hero Glow [iL] by SirRoyal

[share]Chaotic Weapon Freya by Oroshimaru

[share] Gracia part2 AION weapons by foxi

[share]Fourius Vesper Weapons [interlude] by CriticalError

[share][interlude]Raid Skin Weapons by SHEV

[share][interlude] Triumph Weapons by WilliamFS




[share][interlude] Moirai Armor with Shoulders By Avengers team by Elfocrash

[share][interlude] Tauti Armors for Interlude by Avengers by Elfocrash

[share] Dark Knight Armor (Interlude)by MrRees

[share] Faunus Armor Set (all races) Full Pack by d0ds™ {Freya-H5} by D0ds

[share][interlude] Armors Goddess of Destruction) R99, R85, R87, R95 by Rest

[share]Custom Vorpal Shoulder Pads by d0ds™ {Freya} - {UTX} by d0ds

[share]Blue Energy Epic Set by kali

[share]Flaming Dark Knight Armor[interlude] by Devangell™

[share] ICE ARMOR CRYstal by vito

[sHARE]Kamikaze Armor v2 for IL by ScaredAngell

[share] Olympus Armor Set (all races) Full Pack by d0ds™ {Freya-H5} by d0ds




[share][interlude]Hellsing Hat by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Fiddlesticks Hat by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Annie mask (from League of Legends) by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Morgana Wings by Elfocrash

[share][interlude]Despair's Jewels by Elfocrash


[share]VforVendetta mask-hat[c6] by Devangell™

[share] Forgotten Hope helmet [interlude] by Prodzect

[share][Hi Five]Goddess of Destrucion Hair for H5(all classes) by lilcoconut20

[share][interlude] Assassin's Bamboo Hat for Interlude by johnscott

[share]Tattoos For [iL] by grazy

[share]Custom Beleth Hood[interlude] by Devangell™

[share] Surf Hat`s [interlude] by Elfocrash

[share] Magic Cap FREYA! by BloodRav3N

[share] Castle Cloak's for FREYA!!! by Gamproudi12

[share] Custom Tattoo [interlude] by foxi

[interlude] GoD Jewels by Mr.Smallz

[share] Admins Cloak by dymek1984

[share][iL and CT2.3] New Dynasty Helm by LauQ

[share] Turbo board [All Chronicles] by foxi

[interlude] Istina Jewels by Mr.Smallz

[share] Class Cloak Goddess of Destruction (Freya Client) by crash_8675

[share Interlude ]Sekuns Wing by byorion

[share]Seraphim Helmet IL by AnimeLegends

[share] Freya wings adapt (ct2.5) by darren

[share Interlude] Steam Joias by byorion

[share] News cloack (utx) by BarraCouda

{Share Freya}Swimsuit Armor by BarraCouda

[share][interlude]Shaiya Helmet's to Interlude by johnscott

[share]Wings Energy Effect pack by kali

[share]War Helmet[interlude] by Devangell™

[share] Custom Helmets [interlude] by Your

[share]Tatto of Dragon [iL] by MiҳMasteЯ

[share] Custom Tear Wings by MiddleMan

[share][Freya] Vesper Gold Wings by Sinnocent

[ CT2.5 Freya ] SuperMan Cape by FaceOff

[share] Fairy Wings [interlude-CT2.3-4-5-6-CT3] by CriticalError

[share] Interlude New Helmets Dynasty by grazy

[share] Custom Demonic Wings by MiddleMan

[share] Fox Mask [interlude-CT2.4-CT2.5-CT2.6-CT3] by CriticalError

[share][CT2.3] Castle Cloaks by LauQ

Wings for IT [share] by CKA3KA




[share]Tauti Monsters - Goodess of Destructions by SHEV

[share]TERA Monster AlpinePredator by SHEV

[share]Goddess of Destructions Husks Npc's by SHEV

[share]TeraMonster - Abandoned Automated Guardian by SHEV

[share] Npc Interlude ;) by vito

[share] Predator NPC [interlude-CT2.5-H5-CT3] by CriticalError

[share][interlude] Silhouette by MrRees

[share] NPC Interlude by vito

[share] Osama Bin Laden NPC [interlude-CT2.5-H5-CT3] by CriticalError

[share] Striptease in L2 for all chronicles by kali

[share]Tauti pre for interlude by volond1 by kali

[share]Custom Npc[interlude] by Devangell™

[share] Custom NPC Mini Baium by MiddleMan

[share] Custom NPC Terminator by MiddleMan

[interlude] New Npc Custon Cr0nic Br by I-LeO-I

[share]Bugs Bunny for interlude by kali

[share][interlude]High Five Mobs to Interlude by johnscott

[share] Zealot of Silen (Interlude) by MrRees

[share][interlude]Tera Monsters to Interlude by johnscott




[TOOL]Elfocrash's Tool V4 Released!(Updated)!! by Elfocrash

[share] L2 Updater v1.2 by zodiark0

[share] Freya Xml Viewer by darren

[share] GlowEditor light version [support to H5] by sakaszli

[sHARE] L2Client Developing Tools & FIles by Zelan by `zэlaи

[sHARE C4 - GOD] Patched Systems, File Editors, GG Killers, L2Dat_EncDec! by Raule

[share]Gracia Final Dev's tool files by toshkabg

[share] systemmsg-e Colored [CT2.5] by CriticalError




[Guide]How you can create your own accessory by Elfocrash

[Guide]Elfocrash guide for videowall npc by Elfocrash

[Guide]How you can create a 3D Letters Npc by Elfocrash

[Guide]How to make a weapon with a moving texture on it by Elfocrash

[Guides]How you can edit and create your own L2 Splash Screen by Elfocrash

[Guide]3d Modding Guide [9 march '10] by LauQ

[Guide]Complete Weapon Glow Guide [11-09-09] by LauQ

[ExTrEmE Guide]EDIT TEXTURES!!! Customize E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!! by killer_007

[GUIDE] Creating Custom Sound Effects by SoFaKi

[Guide]How to Find LineageEffect's. by Borgore

[Guide][GR] Weapon Texturing by Cook

[Guide]The Steps For Encrypt Decrypt And Import In Unreal by Devangell™

[share]Unreal Model Viewer [All Chronicles][updated 24/04/2011] by CriticalError

[share + Guide][CT2.3]Custom Loading screen [Loading...] by LauQ

[Guide] How to use L2Lige (Client Modification) by Michaeltje

[Guide] How to edit loading screen step by step by Sagun

[Guide]Unreal Model Viewer (How Get Textures from Package) [uTX,UKX] by CriticalError

[PICTURES-VIDEO-GUIDE]Make Your Own Weapons-Armor by Ventic

[share] Chronicle 1 interface for Interlude by smeli

[share]Loading Screen's Interlude by Devangell™

[Extra Guide]How To make your weapon With Shock Waves by Devangell™

[share]Disable/Enable Fog[interlude] by Tassadar

[share][Guide]Video Guide addapt things between Chronicles by Devangell™

[share]Lineage 2 tauti SplashScreens by kali

New to client mods ?! New to photoshop too ?! Take a look here THEN! by K4rMaArr0ws

[GUIDE]How to make the texture of your weapon move.Video tutorial, Pictures.SbS. by Thelasthero

[ CoMpLeTe_GUIDE ] Learn to Create Custom Animated Weapons +Accessories ! ! ! by starletgti

[How To Addapt Things Between Chronicles] by JavuS

[Guide] Adapting Items Between Chronicles [All Chronicles] by CriticalError

[Guide - GR] Πως να αλλάξετε grade στα items by Belzebul

[Guide]How to make Your Own Icon [uPDATE] by Devangell™

[Guide]Advanced SystemMsg-e.dat editing by ShinKaZaMa

[Guide]How to add your own custom item by TheMentaL

[GR][share]Guide How To make your Own Weapon New Id Etc. by Devangell™

[EN][share]Guide How To make your Own Weapon New Id Etc. by ConArtist™

[Guide]How to Import One Custom From Here by Devangell™

[Guide]How to make own custom weapon ! by Onix

[Guide] How to import dds files by Mask

[Guide]How to put dds files in a .utx [tested only on IL] by Mask

[share Freya] Activation of game statistics through l2.ini by L2sMod

[share] Loading Screen for CT2.3 by Pwner

[Guide]How Import PSK-PSA to UnrealED by CriticalError

Infinity Glow to any weapon by adames2x

[share]L2 Updaters + Guide by darknessneo by CriticalError

[Guide] How to remove DDF from .dat files ! Make L2 File Editors to work by Dev by Dev

[sHARE] L2FileEdit GoD (DDFs) by Allengc

[Guide]Advanced SystemMsg-e.dat editing by ShinKaZaMa

[uLTIMATE SHARE] Editing a *.u Lineage 2 files!! by 3lackheart

[share] Chests, Drop, Spoil, Mob Lvl, Aggro, sysstring-e colored [interlude] by CriticalError

[share]All My Source [June 16, 2007 to October 02, 2011] by CriticalError



It will be daily updated with new shares

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