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[L2J]Lineage 2 Seal - PvP


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[glow=red,2,300]Welcome to Lineage 2 Seal [/glow]


Lineage® II Hello and welcome to Lineage 2 Seal! It was build to have a unique PvP system for all types of players if you like to play alone or with your team this server is perfect for you. We work non stop to fix all bugs if the existe and improve game play as much as possible. We want the players of this server to have the best game experience so if you was looking for a true PvP server this is the right for you. We hope you will enjoy it.




Server Rate's :



Xp : 5.000

SP : 5.000

Drop : 5

Raid Drop : 5

Adena : 8.000

Pet Xp : 50



Enchants :


Safe Enchant : 5

Max Enchant : 5

Enchant Rate : 75 %

Blessed Enchant Rate : 95 %

Attribute Stone Rate : 65 %

Max Attribute Level : 4



General Futures :


Full Buffer - Pet Buffer

Scheme Buffer

75 Buff's + 35 Dance's

2 Hour's Buff's

TvT Every 1 Hour ( With Reward )

CTF Every 2 Hour's

Hide And Sike Every 3 Hour's

Full GM Shop ! ( From D To Elegia )

Full Gatekeeper All Area Include

Auto Learn All Skill's

Sun Class Max level is 85 Lv.

Easy Noble ( You get the Caradine from GM Shop )

Easy Farm System !

10 Sec Unstuck

Nice Start In New Zone's

2 Week's Oly

Nice Oly Style



Command's :


.changepassword ( PS This command change your password IN-Game just type If you id was Lineage2 And your password is 123456 how to change ? Press .changepassword 123456 ( This is the Old Password ) 123456789 123456789 (  You Must Type 2 Time's the New Password )


.repair ( This command repair your char when you get error or you stuck ! )


.Jointvt .leavetpt ( To Participate to TvT If you are not near from the NPC ! )




Our Server Is Free !


Join Us Now !!!!!






More than 120 Player in 6 Day's Enjoy




Flame Icon

Touch of Eva

Spirit of Shilien

Real Target

Steal Divinity

Curse of Divinity

All Stun Skill's





Stat's Like Retail

Non Crazy Critical Hit's

Steed Like Retail

Kamael's Non Over Power

and more!

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