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[L2J] L2Brave: Custom PvP Server


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L2Finest is back!

After many months of hard working on the server, we are glad to announce that the freya server is online! Are you ready to play the best freya PvP server?



Custom armor tiers: Titanium, Dread (Titanium and Dread are armors for starters and they cost only 1 Beleth's Gold Dragon), Dynasty, Rykros, Demonic



etc_magic_coin_silver_i01.png Beleth's Silver Dragon


etc_magic_coin_gold_i01.png Beleth's Gold Dragon (= 50 Beleth's Silver Dragon)


etc_adena_i00.png Adena


etc_broken_crystal_gold_i00.png True Gold ( = Adena)


etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00.png Pure Silver


etc_event_medal_i00.png Event - Medal ( = 5 Pure Silver)


etc_event_glitter_medal_i00.png Event - Glittering Medal ( = 5 Event - Medals)


etc_coins_gold_i00.png Coin Of Luck


etc_jewel_silver_i00.png Star Diamond


etc_badge_gold_i00.png Star Of Destiny


-Up to 50 custom accsesories with unique stats

-Balanced Classes

-Custom blacksmith (augments), item merchant (Up to Titanium and dread)

-Custom Starter Item Shop with D to S grade items

-Custom Unique Buffer with schemes

-Farming zones: CoT and Forbidden Gateway


XP/SP x5000

-Custom Class Master (Roy the rat)

-Balanced donates. You cannot donate something that it is not available ingame except services like: Change password, PvP increaser, Name & Gender changer etc)

-Top PvP, Top PK, Top Clan Manager

-Custom Gatekeeper with all kingdoms and special locations like Baium's Lair

-Castle sieges and clan hall auctions are working

-Events! Events! Events! Thanks to our event GM ([GM]Cheval) we all enjoy his events. Russian Rulette, Last Man Standing, S Grade 1 v 1, Dices, normal 1 v 1 korean style and more.

Not only these! Join us and discover more!



[GM] Conflict (Admin, Developer, GM)

[GM] Static (Admin, Developer, GM)

[GM] Devin (Admin, Developer, GM)

[GM] Cheval (Event GM)

[GM] Tectonic (GM)












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write more info like enchant rates,safe ,max ingame noone seems to know,also its freya and no freya armor/weapons,to me looks like interlude.Where do you lvl up ?? killing mobs in farm areas/varka etc dont give any xp.

anyway all the best

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