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Hello,MXC.Me and some friends lf a Low-Mid Server with this spec

->Client ~>Epilogue-Freya [Not High Five]

->Rates ~> x7-x25

->Big Community

->Max 1 month Open

->And not Unbalance Donation [ex.Vesper +sa 70 E]

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The server is international!


Grand open 11/9/2011 16:00 UTC+0


The server is actively updated, so expect many more new features.

We have developed a lot more retail-like formulas for the skills. Skill resistances and land rates are a lot more retail - like.


Τhe BOT allowed, check the rules


Help us test it!

Our Server is online for Beta Testing!

Join now to test everything.




Game Masters will provide you with help and support. A buffer is at your disposal in Giran city (only during testing. It will also be deleted on server open)


Beta test ends at saturday 10 of September and grand opening at sunday 11 September 16:00 UTC+0




•XP: x7

•SP: x8

•Drop: x5

•Spoil: x4

•Adena: x10

•Quest Drop: x2

•Quest Reward: x2

•Quest Exp/Sp Reward: x2

•Quest Adena Reward: x2

•Raid Boss drop: x4

•Grand Boss drop: x1

•Manor: x2

•Rate Extract Fish: x1


Apiga Shop:


•Up to A , armors, Jewels

•Potions, Quest items, Accessories


Class Master:


1 class transfer - Cost: 100,000 Adena.

2 class transfer - Cost: 3,000,000 Adena.


Working Instances 100%


• Kamaloka instaces

• Pailaka instances

• Crystal Caverns

• Tower of Naia

• Steel Citadel

• Hellbound Town

• Fortress Siege

• Castle Siege


Working features:


• Territorial Wars

• Seven Signs Epic Quests

• Seed of Infinity

• Seed of Destruction

• Seed of Anihilation

• Chambers of Delusion

• Stakato Nest

• Monastery of Silence

• Plains of the Lizardmen

• Beast Farm




• AMD Athlon™ II X4 Quad-Core,

4x 2.3 GHz


• 2x 1,000 GB SATA II-HDD

• Unlimited traffic

• No Downtime!



Website: http://www.l2latehours.net

Forum: http://www.l2latehours.net/forum

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Hello,MXC.Me and some friends lf a Low-Mid Server with this spec

->Client ~>Epilogue-Freya [Not High Five]

->Rates ~> x7-x25

->Big Community

->Max 1 month Open

->And not Unbalance Donation [ex.Vesper +sa 70 E]


Client: Gracia Final

Rates: x10

250+ last max online, increasing every day

opened 3 days ago

no donations



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Elmoreden is a new project we build into the Lineage II private server world. Our goal is to provide a nice and relaxing place for having fun. The team behind is experienced with various successful servers currently active. We do not target to make a money making machine neither collapse after a couple of months. We are here to stay and we know how. Our forums are open for you to join anytime and speak your opinion and be sure, we will listen carefully and consider your wills. Even if you have nothing to add for now, just register so we can anytime update you for the progress of our server.


Server description:

Full working, bug-less Gracia Final (l2off) platform. All the modifications are stated bellow, if something is not there, then its retail.



Exp/ Sp/ Adena: x10

Drop Chance: x10

Spoil Chance: x10 / A-beep-t: x5

Boss Drop Chance/ Adena/ Exp/ Sp: x10

Quest Exp/ Sp/ Adena Rewards: x10

Quest Item Drop: x5



.online – shows online player a-beep-t.

.expon and .expoff – to turn on and off exp gaining when killing mobs, etc.

.delevel – to remove one level every time you use it.

.time – to show server date and time (useful to sync for Olympiad and Sieges).


Offline Shop System:

Make a private store and right click your adena inside your inventory.


Full server protection against dupes, exploits etc.


Full anti-bot and 3rd party application protection.



CPU: Intel Xeon i7 W3520 - 4?2(HT)x2.66+ GHz - 8 Mb L2 – QPI 4.8 GT/sec - Turbo Boost Technology @ 2.93GHz


Hard Drives: 2x 40 GB Intel SSD 320 + 2x 2 TB SATA2

Switch Port: 1 Gbps

Bandwidth: 1 Gbps







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