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[Share] Java Code LvL 80 SubClass

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Hello guys.


With this change in Java Code, when you Add Sub-Class Becoming 80 lvl.

Test & Working at L2J Server.


Open the:

Line 90
Erase the  "   -   "
and pass the "   +   "
-      private byte _level = 40;
+     private byte _level = 80;

Line 110 
also the same..
-        if (getLevel() == 40)
+        if (getLevel() == 80)

Ready without putting Config.

If you want to Config, go to the following step ...


Now I will show how can the pass to Config.

Line 20
package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.base;
+import net.sf.l2j.Config;

Line 97 
-      private long _exp = Experience.LEVEL[40];
+     private long _exp = Experience.LEVEL[Config.SUBCLASS];
Line 108
-      private byte _level = (byte) 40;
+     private byte _level = (byte) Config.SUBCLASS;

Line 487
    /** Death Penalty chance */
    public static int   DEATH_PENALTY_CHANCE;
+   /** SubClass Level 80 */
+    public static int   SUBCLASS;

Line 673

                DEATH_PENALTY_CHANCE = Integer.parseInt(otherSettings.getProperty("DeathPenaltyChance", "20"));
+                			// SUBCLASS By BaGGoC
+                			SUBCLASS = Integer.parseInt(otherSettings.getProperty("SUBCLASS_LVL_CUSTOM", "40"));


The Code Is Ready!

Now Go To..


and put it....

DeathPenaltyChance = 20


Credits: Me.

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Read section rules!!! this code is extremely easy, its not a share its a modification to some numbers on the core, and that config is useless because, well i dont need to change the subclass level very often because its a modification that you edit only one time

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Already shared

Yes, but this is better, easier, passing a simple Config and no custom config, more detailed, and 9 in 10 people will pass more easily here rather than that which exists.

I'm wrong?

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