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[Request] Bots Help [En] Rules


In this board you are able to ask for help or request anything, concerning Lineage II Bots.

All you have to do before starting, is read the following simple rules.



- In this sub-board you can only speak English. If you want to make a greek topic/post in order to receive/provide help about Lineage II Bots, then use this sub-board!


- Before making a new topic to ask for help, please make sure that your question hasn't been already answered or that what you're requesting hasn't already been shared. How to know? Simply by using the Search Box on the top 4NTdjtd.png


- Do not answer in old topics or in topics in which you are not sure about the answer.

Your post will be deleted and you will be warned/punished.


- Make sure to put the proper prefixes at your topic's title. Use:

[Help], to ask for help over a specific matter about Lineage II Bots,

[Request], to make a request concerning Lineage II Bots, such as a Botting Program, or

[Other], if your topic has nothing to do with anything mentioned above.


- Giving a second solution to a problem, or expressing it in a better way never hurt anybody. As a matter of fact, it's very good.




With appreciation,

MaxCheaters® Staff.

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