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[L2J] L2 Reliance


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SERVER WEBSITE: www.l2reliance.net

Work in progress, need admin team/GM team.

Just let me know what you think, what needs improvement. Everything is done and fully working besides testing the server!

Server Features:

  Dedicated - 24/7   

Dual Quad-Core Xeon E5620 (8x2.4ghz)

8GB DDR3 RAM Memory


Uplink 100Mbps  Drop: 5x

Daily Backups  Spoil: 5x 


Enchant Rate: 200X

SP Rate: 200X

Adena Rate: 775X



Enchant Rates:

Safe Enchant: 5

Max Enchant: 26

Enchant Rate: 72%

Blessed Enchant Rate: 80%




Custom NPCs:

•Gatekeeper NPC

•GM Shop NPC

•Noblesse NPC

•Event NPC

•Pet Buffer

•NPC Buffer



Global Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper NPC teleports you to every area in the game as well as any teleport to custom farm areas of our server and some arenas. This has direct teleport to the Farm Zones that drop our servers currency.



Our GM Shop located in most towns sells anything you would need on our server. From the top of the line weapons and armor to tatoos. Of course different currency will be needed based on the items your looking to buy, but everything is sold right in the GMShop.



You'll find two buffer NPCs, the NPC buffer is a normal 2 Hour pre set buffer that will give you all buffs for either Mage or Fighter. Our pet buffer will buff any pet that meets the qualifications.




Team vs Team (TvT)

The Team vs Team (TvT) event is a battle between five teams. The winner team is the one who score most points. In order to participate, you need to type the command .jointvt when the event is announced. This event occurs every 2 hours and the prize is 3 Gold Enhessad's. All the players in the winner team gets the prize.



Elpy Event

At any point in time, a GM can activate the Elpy Event. At which 55 Eply rabbits will spawn in 1 of 6 villages.At which you have two minuites to kill as many as you can, to recieve items that would normally take hours to obtain.


Chest Event

The chest event is spawned in 1 of 6 places as well. You will meet with "Snow" our transformation NPC who will convert you into a rabbit. Use the skill he gives you to open all the chest's around. Claiming your prize. You have to work fast, you only have 10 min!


(Elpy and Chest Event are all controlled and will direct you through by announcements)




The RaidBoss event is a event where a random Boss (Valakas, Antharas, Baium or Baylor) is spawned somewhere in the world. To participate you just need to go where the Boss has been summoned and defeat him. This event happens every 4 hours and it's prize is 1 Gold Enhassad. Every participant with level 85 gets the prize when the Boss is killed.


Arena PvP

The Arena PVP event is a competition where the best scorer of all arenas receive a prize. In order to participate you must go to the nearest arena and begin to defeat all your enemies (other players). The prize for this event is 2 Gold Enhassad's and it happens every 3 hours.



This is the event for those who are tired of blodshed and farm. You just need to pickup your rod and go fishing. The one who scores the most points win 2 Gold Enhassad's as a prize. The prize is delivered Via GM!




Farm Areas

You can teleport to any of our Farm areas located on the Teleporter. We have additional porting options for Peace Farm as well. All of our special currency is located in the farming zones. But be careful, they are not the easiest MOBS to kill!





•Protection against DualBox in events (It looks into the machine IP, not the WAN IP, so those who play in Cyber Cafes are free to play)

•.xpon and .xpoff to activate / desactivate Exp Gain

•Champion Monsters (Have low attack distance) (High XP) ( HIGH SP)

•Balanced Olympiads

•Certification Skills

•Castle Sieges

•Fortress Sieges

•Territory Wars

•Siegable Clan Halls

•Seed Of Destruction

•Seed Of Annihilation

•Elemental System LvL 9

•Balanced Classes for improved gameplay

•PvP Title Color ( Yellow / Orange / Red / Black ).

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Weird, I had to manually browse it with Winrar, if someone else gets the same problem just do what I did and browse it manuallu <.<


Meh, the updater just gives me 0kb empty files to my System folder <.<

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Weird, I had to manually browse it with Winrar, if someone else gets the same problem just do what I did and browse it manuallu <.<


Thanks, Ill make a note under the download link on the website to eliminate any problem in the future.

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online ppl?


I just started the server, Im trying to get a community. But im working on the people currently its a new server, so like 3-4 people. But its growing. I need a staff to help me out so if your intrested in it, let me know. Im trying to take staff from this website.

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cant log in to the server...is it offline??

have u added ur server on hopzone/topzone/l2rankings etc?and make also topics in these forums...this way u should attract more ppl!

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Server Features:

  Dedicated - 24/7   

Dual Quad-Core Xeon E5620 (8x2.4ghz)

8GB DDR3 RAM Memory


Uplink 100Mbps


This I can't belive! Server laggs like the hell :) CRITICAL Laggs!

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Server Features:

  Dedicated - 24/7   

Dual Quad-Core Xeon E5620 (8x2.4ghz)

8GB DDR3 RAM Memory


Uplink 100Mbps


This I can't belive! Server laggs like the hell :) CRITICAL Laggs!


Our dedicated host was down lastnight, its fixed now. They should have everything fixed and lag free now.



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