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interlude [L2J] L2Shock


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Hi, I am pleased to present you our project L2Shock

Home: http://l2shock.com.pl/

Forum: http://l2shock.com.pl/forum/

Chronicle: Interlude


Exp: 150x

SP: 150x

Party Exp: 200x

Adena Drop: 450x

Enchant save: 4 (for armor, weapon)

Enchant rates: 66% of normal (for armor and weapon), 75% blessed

Custom Items:

Dynasty Armor

Dynasty weapons

General information

* TVT Engine Every 1 Hour

* CTF, DM, Every Hour

* Friendly Staff,

* Sieges 100%

* Increased Weight Limit,

* Global GK,

* Custom Basic buffer

* Raid Bosses events.

* Grade penalty ON

* Various Gm Shops

* Custom - Economy

* All skills work

* Clan hall System Work 100%

* Sieges 100% work

* Custom farming / Levelling spots

* Retail spawns locations for new players


We Olympics as retail. Happy heroes are elected every 2 weeks.




WE ARE LIVE ON 08.06.2011



What makes us different from other high-rates servers?

We are a team which "many a bread oven food," and tired of the influx of servers where everything is monotonous, ie. exp, then farm until you drop, and anxious to + 35 enchanting our item. We're reaching ago and decided to create a decent server preventing unnecessary gameplay elements that make no desire to play. Our main shortcoming of who we put a team game, organized in clans and then in larger organizations, alliance which make a good, huge and all the time pvp actions. Without the clan you will not be able to make our "elite armor and weapons." Do not be sad for the fact that we have added these custom to our server. Get them to be really hard. You need to be really a good composition because they will be drop from T-rex Pi. You will need a minimum tank to the Bishop and the spoiler, because he will be "pulled" items from them. Is introduced to highlight the player who spends more time on the gameplay than the average. It will just characterize these special items, so that will have enormous strength and will stand at the forefront of the so-called. noob players. He will take on the responsibility to carry out a successful siege, raid, or clan's pvps.

Raid bosses

You cant buy a jewelry boss at our gm shop. To get it you need to fight for it with other clans. Everything works 100%. Entrance to the boss zones can be purchased at gm shop (you will have some farm, but nice and easy because of the clan). Gk to raid bosses will soon were moving near the boss teleporter. Every boss will be drop an item (necklace, ring, earring). It is possible to drop elite weapon with a spoiler (small chance).


The server will need your votes, so that was mobilized to invest a minimum of vote, decided to reward by Life Stones. Chance to win augument skill is 5%, so that players who are with us from the beginning had a chance to dominate the new players. 6 will be available in the augmented five active and one passive.

GM shop

Very cool, clear it, buy everything you need except the s grade that you will have some farm.

We are wide open to any suggestions, make us the server. For giving the proposals will be showered with cool special items for VIP members, which you otherwise you can not get it.


How to retail

Clan halls

How to retail


Server starts in 2 weeks, you have to be patient. Perfect, everything is not perfect enough so that it is recognized that this is. We look forward to your suggestions, accompanied by nicks in the game that if you reward the use of the idea. Tell us your requirements against the server on which server you want to play? Give us examples, we are open for any suggestions. Our e-mail address l2shock.donate @ gmail.com. Got more questions? Visit our forum to learn more. Regards Team L2Shock.







Type II AMD Athlon ™ X4 Quad-Core Quantity

Rate 4x 2.6 GHz

Main Memory Capacity 16 GB


Realtek Network, 100 MBit

Unlimited Data Transfer

100 Mbit Switch Port

99% Uptime

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We have little changes. Due to many of strange comments about aguments we have decided that we will decrese it to 2 actives and 1 passive with  same 5% chance. Help us to test server 8/06 official beta tests. See you in server L2shock!

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