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[Share] Captcha Antibot System [Updated 17.6.2011, Version 2] [Please LOCK IT .]

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I'm happy to announce that with the help of janiii and his informations on l2jserver forum, vampir's help from MxC, and my little work, here is an captcha antibot system... Lets give you the files and then i'll tell you some more information about how it works :)!


Chronicles: Last L2JServer Freya Rev. (it can be used on any chronicle with some small changes)


Bugs: Every bug found till 20/6/2011 is fixed.


* Core Side Patches:

L2Npc.java (starts the captcha system when a monster dies) (V2 Update: Changed to L2Npc.java instead of L2Attackable.java to add the specific NPC feature, gonna tell some words about this later ^^)

L2PcInstance.java (If you cant add this one, just add everything at the last line of l2pcinstance) (V2 Update: I dont remember and im bored to check :P)

build.xml (This one will add on your build/compile 2 required files i will give you below) (V2 Update: Nothing Changed)

.classpath (This will allow you list those files on Eclipse, add it manual please ^^) (V2 Update: Nothing Changed)

- If you have an error that have to do with PledgeCrest.java file, you will also need the 2 following patches!

RequestPledgeCrest.java (Just a small change in order to use the .dds converter, its the last updated one, nothing changed by me, as i remember :P)

PledgeCrest.java (Just a small change in order to use the .dds converter, its the last updated one, nothing changed by me. as i remember :P)


* DP Side Patches:

Antibot.java (Its the script/voicedhandler that uses the html about the answer you give) (V2 Update: Adds Tries system, gonna give you picture bellow)

Captcha.java (V2 Update: Adds .captcha feature, check the preview picture bellow)

MasterHandler.java (Simply registers the voicedcommandhandler) (V2 Update: Added one more handler that adds .captcha feature ^^)


* Files That Are Required:

Library Files (You should add those 2 .jar files on your libs folder (on your workspace/gameserver))

Data File(s) (Just a simple 256x64 .png file to start generating captchas based on this file, add it on gameserver)


By the way, thats all, the only thing i have to say is that you have to change the mob-counter that the html popups,


if(player.getKills() == 50 || player.getKills() == 0)

Change that "50" to the number that you want to popup the message, for example this one will make the html popup every 50 monster-kills (Do not edit this -> "player.getKills() == 0", its there in order to avoid botting, can't explain it but its for your server's protection ^^)



And you will have to also change the ID of the NPC that is the Farming mob.**



if(getNpcId() == 10012 && (killer instanceof L2PcInstance) || (killer instanceof L2PetInstance) || (killer instanceof L2SummonInstance))


To do this you will have to change that "10012" to your NPC id....!


**If you want to remove that specific NPC feature, simply delete this "getNpcId() == 10012 &&" and make it looks like this -->


if((killer instanceof L2PcInstance) || (killer instanceof L2PetInstance) || (killer instanceof L2SummonInstance))


Preview of the HTML:



The image you can see on the HTML review is generated server side and sent to user as Crest image in .dds format with random name.


Waiting for feedback!


Credits: vampir (he helped me, i had a problem coz of my limited knowledge of java), janiii (gave us on l2jserver forum the method that we have to use to

make that random generated image) and me ( pipiou21/Pipiou211/ElaYes ) coz i have created it ^_^!

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Nice work bro...I like it!!

I like that you like it, please add, test and tell me if everything its ok, you have to know that if a second html of captcha will appear during the 1 minute of the previous one, some sync problems are going to happen, better do it to see the little <<problem>> and solve it if you need to, but anyway you are not going to spam players more than 1 captcha htmls in one minute, so no reason to care about this little "bug".

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I think is the better anti-bot system ;) nC work!



IT is the Best ...! TEsted allready and L2Net cannot bypass it ;) ..! THanks for share ..!

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pipiou21 i apply patchsome manually ok,but at compile got 2 errors plz help me fix it

C:\workspace\L2J_Server_BETA\java\com\l2jserver\gameserver\model\actor\L2Attackable.java:17: package gov.nasa.worldwind.formats.dds does not exist

    [javac] import gov.nasa.worldwind.formats.dds.DDSConverter;

    [javac]                                      ^

    [javac] C:\workspace\L2J_Server_BETA\java\com\l2jserver\gameserver\model\actor\L2Attackable.java:654: cannot find symbol

    [javac] symbol  : variable DDSConverter

    [javac] location: class com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.actor.L2Attackable

    [javac] PledgeCrest packet = new PledgeCrest(imgId, DDSConverter.convertToDDS(captcha).array()); //Convertion to DDS where is antybot

    [javac]                                             ^

    [javac] 2 errors



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//package gov.nasa.worldwind.formats.dds



You dont did it right, add libs folder and edit .classpath and build.xml files!

Also add the pledgecrest and request (blablabla) patches (that i gave on first post) on your pack.

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It is very nice anti-bot, but i am a little newbies at developimg, and i don't understand what i must do with those files...

can you be more specific? or some photo will help too.. thnxs


Well, add those 2 files (libs, the 2 .jar files) on your folder "libs" on your workspace/l2j_gameserver/libs, and then open your file named "build.xml", and if you scroll down or search "libs" you will see some files listed like "libs/blablabla.jar", list like the the 2 files i gave you, do this also on a file named "(nofilename).classpath", those 2 files are both on "workspace/l2j_gamerserver" folder.... When you do this open your eclipse, choose your project (l2j_gameserver) and then press F5 (to refresh and list the 2 files, worldwind.jar etc.).



PS: if you dont know how to add a patch please search for a guide :).... I'm not that good at expaining that good :)... There are more guides on maxcheaters

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