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irc_server (default "") - The irc server to connect to
irc_port (default "") - The irc server's port
irc_nick (default "") - The nick to use while connecting
irc_username (default "") - The "real name" of the bot
irc_channel (default "") - The channel to join
irc_identify (default 0; 0|1) - If you want to identify set this to 1
irc_ident (default "") - See info below
irc_map_change (default 1; 0|1) - Set whether or not to display Server name, ip, map and players connected on map change and server start.
irc_show_joins (default 1; 0|1) - Set whether or not to display a message when a player joins the server
irc_to_hlds_say_auto (default 1; 0|1) - Set whether or not to automatically forward messages from IRC to the server
irc_from_hlds_say_auto (default 1; 0|1) - Set whether or not to automatically forward messages from in game to IRC
irc_to_hlds_say_activator (default "@hlds") - If irc_to_hlds_say_auto is 0, the string that needs to be included in the message to have it forwarded to the server
irc_from_hlds_say_activator (default "!irc") - If irc_from_hlds_say_auto is 0, the string that needs to be included in the message to have it forwarded to IRC
Say Cvars (set any of these to "" to disable them):
irc_msg_srvjoin (default "$name ($steamid) has joined the server") - Message to IRC when user joins
irc_msg_srvpart (default "$name ($steamid) has left the server") - Message to IRC when user leaves
irc_msg_srvsay (default "<$name> $message") - Message to IRC when user says something in game
irc_msg_srvteamsay (default "<($team) $name> $message") - Message to IRC when user team_say's something in game
irc_msg_ircsay (default "*IRC* $name : $message") - Message, said to players, when IRC user says something
irc_msg_startup (default "$servername - $ip Current Map: $map $curplayers / $maxplayers players") - Message to IRC when server starts or map changes.
Available vars for irc_msg_srv*
* $name - Person's name
* $steamid - Person's steamid
* $team - Person's team
* $teamn - Person's team number
* $message - What they said
* $connected - How long they have been connected
* $access - Persons access
Available vars for irc* (except irc_msg_startup)
* $name - Persons name
* $message - Message
Available vars for irc_msg_startup
* $servername - Name of the server
* $ip - IP of the server
* $map - Name of the current map
* $curplayers - Current number of players on the server
* $maxplayers - Maximum players allowed on server
irc connect - Connect to irc
irc disconnect - Disc from irc
irc say - Send message to irc
irc help - Tells you where to go 
Commands from IRC:
To use commands in the channel, add @ to the front of the command (ie @cmds)
-cmds/commands/info/help - The bot will private message you (display from here on) a list of commands available from IRC. If you have admin access it will also PM you the list of admin commands you have access to.
-map - Display current map
-nextmap - Display nextmap
-timeleft - Display timeleft
-ip - Display server IP
-users - Display users currently on the server
-login <username> <password> - Login as an IRC admin
-logout - Log out of IRC admining. You will be automatically logged out if you part the channel or quit IRC.
Admin Commands from IRC (PM these to the bot):
-amx_rcon <command line> - Just like the normal amx_rcon, but in IRC. You must put quotes around the string, ie. amx_rcon "map de_dust".
-amx_cfg <config file name> - Just like the normal command.
-amx_map <map name> - Just like the normal command.
-amx_slay <name or #userid> - Just like the normal command.
-amx_slap <name or #userid> <times> <damage> - Slap a player in game <times> times for <damage> damage each.
-amx_kick <name or #userid> [reason] - Just like the normal command.
Adding IRC Admins:
1) Start the server with the plugin installed, two files will be created: configs/ircadmins.ini and data/ircloggedin.list
2) In ircadmins.ini put users on seperate lines in the form "username" "password" "access flags" "unique id"
3) Have the user log in by PMing the bot: login username password

-Access flags are exactly like the ones in users.ini, some flags have no commands attached right now but new versions will have more commands
-Unique id MUST be unique for each user and can be whatever you want. The plugin uses it to keep track of admins.
-Admins will stay logged in through map changes, nick changes and even server shut downs if they dont log out.
-Admins will be automatically logged out if they part the channel or quit IRC (if the bot is there).
-DO NOT edit ircloggedin.list, although it's plaintext, leave it alone.
Ok, about irc_ident.. you have to use the raw IRC syntax for sending messages, it really isn't too complex.
To do what /nickserv or /ns does in mirc
To send a message to someone:
"PRIVMSG someone :I'm Online"
Get the picture?
If you need help, either post or grab me on the channels mentioned above

Menu stuff:
Use the commands amx_ircmenu or say /irc. Default access level is admin_level_a which can be changed in the plugin. Access to this gives you control of main bot functions, like disc/connect 


ok heres the ping fix .. i have tested for a day or two ... and this seems to be working ... 

First of all if your on QuakeNet or on GameSurge pick the closes irc server to your HLDS Server From the list below

Quakenet Servers



heres an sample of that should be in your Server.cfg

irc_server "Netfire.TX.US.GameSurge.Net" <= Your Server From list above

irc_port 6667 <= port for HLDS to connect to IRC also in lists above

irc_nick Servdd <= nick as Seen in IRC ROOM.

irc_channel #nothingmatters <= chan

irc_username servddd <= user name as Seen by IRC server could be wrong but it works LOL

irc_identify 1 <=Set to one olny if you have an auth user name and password From your IRC Server IE GAMESURGE QUAKENET EFNET

irc_ident "authserv auth USERNAME PASS " <=== given or made when you Create an Auth with the IRC Server E GAMESURGE QUAKENET EFNET

irc_debug 0 <= if your having Problems use this Set to one and post any error msg...

the Best way to stop from disconnecting it auth with the server for some reason it works ... 

Exsample OF WORKING GAME SURGE ACCOUNT !! as Seen in #randommapfun or #IRCHLDS 

irc_server ""
irc_port "6667"
irc_nick "Server"
irc_channel #randommapfun
irc_username "NMServer101"
irc_identify 1
irc_ident "authserv auth NMServer101 PASS"



twistedeuphoria & {NM}JRBLOODMIST

Download irc.sma:


Download irc.amxx:




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