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hellbound [L2J] L2Ophylia


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Freya   http://l2.ophylia.com   Open Beta



L2 Net protection

Good Geodata

Dedicate Server Machine


Experience: 15x

Spell Points: 15x

Party Experience: 2x

Party Spell Points: 2x

Adena Drop: 10x

Item Spoil: 10x (Blue Mobs Spoil)

Item Drop: 10x

Raid Boss Drop: 10x

Epic Jewels : 2x

Quests drop and reward:

Drop Quest Item: 3x

Adena : 5x

Materials: 3x

Quest Drop Chance of all quests for  s80 is 20%





Other Info:

Champion Mobs:

All Champion are passive monsters

Champion give same amount of Xp and SP as a normal Mob

5% chance for a mob to became champion

MinLevel 20

MaxLevel 85

Hp 4x

HpRegen 2x

Atk 1.5x

SpdAtk 1.5

SpoilRate 2x

Adena 2x

No Quest for SubClass and class change

Class Change - 1st 10.000 Adena, 2ed 100.000 Adena, 3th 1.000.000 Adena

Custom Shop - up top B Grade

Mana Potion - 500 Mp/potion

Buffs Time 1h - Npc Buffer

All S80 and S84 Full drops are remove  from Mobs (S80 and S84  can be obtain only if you craft or RB drop)

All Freya Armors  can be unsealed only with Festival Adena (Drops for all RB from  1  to 300.000 random amount)  

Festival Adena may be sold to other players

Low A Grade in Luxury Shop

Slots For No Dwarf 100

Slots For Dwarf 150

Dwarf Recipe Limit 100

Keep manufacture shop-list after re-log

Auto Loot

In order to balance the server  we keep buff amount as retail like

Max buff Slots 20

Max dance Slots 12

All players will receive 1.000.000 Adena as a Vitamin Gift when they get lvl 15.

Varka and Ketra ally quests drop rate are biger in order to help players craft S grade

Delevel Npc

Item Auction

Auto Activate Shots

Mammon is not in town we announce Mammon Spawn



Hellbound Full working ( retail like) Start lvl 0

All Epilogue  instance and zone done  100%

Freya  - 88% done

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Not waste of time!


we need to set up server configuration 

geodata  Ram allocated to each function  ...  some of this parameters can be config with ppl on  + in  this time we can announce more ppl we will open a server so  all can  start in same day  ( you know how this works , you see a server will open you call a friend he call a friend ...)

+ is a chance for all to see  to see if server is  ok for them to join ( check zone  quest .. geodata , our bot protection )


For this  are made open beta  (if you want to join  you will wait one week)

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