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[WTS] L2Dubai Chars & Items Cheap


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1.Adventurer +30 Skills and donated certifications(Baium +16 Beleth +16,Valakas +16,Elegia Earing +16,Antharas +16 - Mamba Edge Dual Daggers +16 PvP LvL 7 Element [Augment increases pvp p.atk] - Jade Claw PvP LvL 7 Element +16 - Recurve Throne Bow PvP LvL 7 Element - Many Clean RB Jewls - Many Coins - Many Cp Pots - 13 Giant's Codex Mastery - Many Element Stones/Crystals - Tattoo +16


2.Moonlight Sentiel +30 Skills and donated certifications (Naked)


3.Necromancer +30 Skills and donated certifications (Naked)


4.Buffer +30 Skills (Including Freezing Skin +30,Chant Of Victory +15,Resist Shock +30 and much more +30)


All accounts have Mouse Coin (Change Password Item)


Keep in mind that to make all these you need 200+ gcms for each char and 100 gcms cost 10 euro by donating,each certification cost 4 euros,+16 equipment cost 15 euros,full lvl 7 attribute costs 10 euro,augment skill 30 euros.To donate all these you have to pay 155+ euros


Trade everything for items/chars at any server (x1 - x10000,c4 - Freya) pm me



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