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[L2J] L2 Vintage


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We consider , that server will be started back LIVE 2011.04.12 18.00 GTM+2

A lot of updates have been made , such as:

* New raidbosses.

* Blessed zones.

* Blue stone zones.

* Epic Jewels dropped by Raid/epic bosses.

* All Raid/epic bosses were weakened and made accesable for all players.

* Crowns with stats added.

* L2 - Vintage Box added.

* Starting level 40.


Invite your friends, see you soon 2011.04.12 18.00.




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- Wrong Title/Prefix !


Suggestion: - New website.

                  - Buy domain.

                  - Change the features.


Server Chronicle: Interlude


Server Online: 24/7


Hero perio: 1 Week


Serverio Type: PVP



Not Custom Item



Max: +16  Safe: +4  simple: 75%  Blessed: 85%



# Full working Olympiad.

# Full working Castle Sieges.

# Full working Skilai.

# Special Raidboss.

# The long-term game.


# Server shop.

# Server buffer.

# Server teleporter.

# Profession changers.

# friendly Admins

# Active event

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