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[AIO] Online scanners, browsers, Free antivirus and MORE !


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Securing Your System.


Online Scanners:


Most of the major Antivirus vendors offer the ability to do an online scan – useful as another check on your system. Why use an online scanner? An online scanner cannot be infected by malware hiding in Windows files and these scanners will not make changes to Windows core files. An AV installed on your system can be disabled or corrupted by malware. Many require you to use Internet Explorer as your browser and that means they can take advantage of IE’s ActiveX technology as part of the scan. However, most have been updated to allow use of alternate browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


BitDefender Online Scanner - IE, Firefox, Chrome

Virustotal - IE, Firefox, Chrome

CA Threat Scanner - IE only

ESET Online Scanner - IE, Firefox, Netscape, Safari

F-Secure Online Scanner - IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome

Kaspersky Online Scanner - Currently inoperative

McAfee Security Scan Plus - IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

MS Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner

Panda ActiveScan - IE, Firefox

Symantec SecurityCheck - IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape

Trend Micro HouseCall - All


All Browsers for *Windows:


Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser but its popularity has meant that it is the most common target for attack. Other browsers are gradually becoming popular as well and now they are also coming under attack. Most browsers contain an automatic update feature and you should always be using the most recent version. IE uses something known as ActiveX controls and many experts believe they contribute to the browser’s vulnerability.


Internet Explorer

Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox)




Netscape Navigator



Maxthon Browser






Dillo Web Browser

Slim Browser



Iron Browser

Comodo Dragon

Crazy Browser


Enigma Browser

Avant Browser

xB Browser


space time


3B Room

Bitty Browser




Paid Antivirus Applications:


Do you really need an AV? The answer is ‘Yes’. A good AV will provide protection – not perfect of course but as long as the programme updates its definition files regularly (daily is preferable as a minimum) then it is a very useful tool in your armour. Find one that suits you - one that you are comfortable using. That way you'll find it easier to master the way it works.

NOTE – only ever have one AV installed and running on your system. Having more than one installed may seem like a good idea, but most AVs contain a ‘real time’ scanning system. If you have more than one installed then each system will be constantly trying to check files that the other system has just checked, and so on.


Bit Defender






Trend Micro Titanium





What is a firewall? Think of it as a door, an entry point into your system. This door has a good strong lock. Only authorised users, in this case programmes and so on, can open the door, because you have checked them out and given them a key. Any user without a key will not be able to open the door. A bit simplistic I know but I’m sure you get the idea. A firewall can be hardware, such as a server, another PC or a router, and it can be software.


Online Armor Free

Ashampoo Firewall Free

Jetico Personal – 30 day evaluation

Agnitum Outpost Free

Sunbelt Personal Firewall - limited features

Comodo Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Note that fully featured paid versions are also available.


Other Protection:


Good system security is generally acknowledged to be a combination of protection programmes and user common sense. There is no one single application that will completely protect your system..

Other than an Antivirus and Firewall what else can you use?

Web of Trust offers a rating system that can help you determine if a site is safe to visit.

A custom HOSTS file is another useful addition. This is like a telephone directory that your system uses to find a web address. The HOSTS file is checked first to see if an address is present – if not a web server is then checked to find the relevant data. A custom HOSTS file contains a list of known bad sites and will not allow you to visit them.


Web of Trust






IE-SPYAD Installation instructions.



SnoopFree – XP only



On Demand Scanners:


This type of programme is simply a scanner that runs when you instruct it to do so – in other words it’s just like a normal piece of software. Many offer the ability to run scans at pre-scheduled times and some include a real time protection element to help prevent threats from installing themselves on your system. Such scanners are extremely useful as an addition to your protection.


Spybot Search & Destroy

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware




System Backup paid:


Do you backup your data? Sounds an obvious thing to do yet many users do not have any kind of backup at all. All those family photographs and videos that now sit on your computer – what would happen if, because of infection or a system failure, you were forced to re-install your Operating System and all existing data was lost? It’s really common sense to have backups and could save you untold torment.


Acronis True Image

Paragon Backup & Recovery

Norton Ghost


System Backup free:

Macrium Reflect Free

DriveImage XML Free

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free


Credits: Me And Many Sites from google.


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    • I strongly concur with some opinions shared. As I've previously mentioned on different posts, it's shocking to see how seasonal servers gather this much population. However, being back in the game some months I did start understanding how the current community of L2 plays and thinks.   It's a huge problem, but in my opinion the guilt is shared between server owners and community. To keep a long term project running (more than a year on) you need to have the equivalent community that will support the project, which unfortunately is not that big. The current player community of L2 hops on new servers with such a haste to get full and "dominate" which does indeed give a lot of activity for some weeks but after that it's just downfall, population gets reduced drastically day by day. The reason is, while the community is busy "grinding" to win on their current server, a "new" server is being advertised which most likely is from the same owner. As I've mentioned, the guilt is shared since the server-owners focus on bringing up "new" servers for the cash grab but also since the community doesn't have the patience to support a long-term project. Besides, let's not forget about clans/CPs being invited directly to the server with some benefits. I'll give an example. An admin opens a server, invites 3 groups (either CPs or clans) by promising them some small benefits. Those three groups will invite more players and so on. It's like an investment, they spent 5$ to earn 20$. Therefore, most admins willing to play "fair" do not succeed, except for a few. Most of us "old-timers" play for nostalgia trips and are fine with low populated servers but lets take a step back and think about the owners that really want to provide a good server, no income will slowly dry out the server and eventually die.   Don't get me wrong, there are some great servers out there, but not everything is for everyone. I'll finish by quoting someone I saw few days ago on YouTube, he said something along the lines that we shouldn't expect fair play while we play an "illegal" version of the game.
    • You have to create the "voiced" handler in the core too, or at the very least make sure that the delimiter is underscore and not an empty space. Alternatively, you can try changing all references of the strings below to start with "voiced_", or remove the "voiced_" portion from the button bypass.   private static final String[] VOICED_COMMANDS = { "siege", "siege_gludio", "siege_dion", "siege_giran", "siege_oren", "siege_aden", "siege_innadril", "siege_goddard", "siege_rune", "siege_schuttgart" };
    • Hi maxcheaters, I recently added some code to my l2jacis revision and everything works fine with the .siege commands but when I click on the html options to open the registry I don't succeed!   registerHandler(new Castles());   package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.voicedcommandhandlers;   import net.sf.l2j.Config; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.handler.IVoicedCommandHandler; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.data.manager.CastleManager; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.Player; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.entity.Castle; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.SystemMessageId; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMessage; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.SiegeInfo;   public class Castles implements IVoicedCommandHandler { private static final String[] VOICED_COMMANDS = { "siege", "siege_gludio", "siege_dion", "siege_giran", "siege_oren", "siege_aden", "siege_innadril", "siege_goddard", "siege_rune", "siege_schuttgart" };   @Override public boolean useVoicedCommand(String command, Player player, String target) { if (command.equals("siege") && Config.ENABLE_MENU) showHtm(player); else if (command.startsWith("siege_")) { if (player.getClan() != null && !player.isClanLeader()) { player.sendPacket(SystemMessageId.YOU_ARE_NOT_AUTHORIZED_TO_DO_THAT); return false; }   int castleId = 0; if (command.startsWith("siege_gludio") && Config.SIEGE_GLUDIO) castleId = 1; else if (command.startsWith("siege_dion") && Config.SIEGE_DION) castleId = 2; else if (command.startsWith("siege_giran") && Config.SIEGE_GIRAN) castleId = 3; else if (command.startsWith("siege_oren") && Config.SIEGE_OREN) castleId = 4; else if (command.startsWith("siege_aden") && Config.SIEGE_ADEN) castleId = 5; else if (command.startsWith("siege_innadril") && Config.SIEGE_INNADRIL) castleId = 6; else if (command.startsWith("siege_goddard") && Config.SIEGE_GODDARD) castleId = 7; else if (command.startsWith("siege_rune") && Config.SIEGE_RUNE) castleId = 8; else if (command.startsWith("siege_schuttgart") && Config.SIEGE_SCHUT) castleId = 9; else player.sendMessage("This Castle has been disabled");   Castle castle = CastleManager.getInstance().getCastleById(castleId); if ((castle != null) && (castleId != 0)) player.sendPacket(new SiegeInfo(castle)); } return true; }   private static void showHtm(Player player) { NpcHtmlMessage htm = new NpcHtmlMessage(0); htm.setFile(player.isLang() + "mods/menu/CastleManager.htm"); player.sendPacket(htm); }   @Override public String[] getVoicedCommandList() { return VOICED_COMMANDS; } }     <button value="Giran" action="bypass voiced_siege_giran" width=75 height=22 back="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normalOn" fore="L2UI_ch3.Btn1_normal">
    • totally agree, the problem started with professionals who made easy to open a server, specially interlude has been abused unstoppably since you can open a server with few clicks now days making fewer players for many servers, while back in time when "compile" was a secret and opening a server was going max players but true things are changing and this has become a job but dont lie everyone knows what is going on, lying is showing desperation, better go and work. i've worked with lots of people with kids that invest huge amounts of money into this and fail while they needed the money its an addiction.
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