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[L2J]L][ New GeneRation


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Welcome to L][ New GeneRation Server!!!


Have fun and a nice stay!!!




Server Infos :




Xp : 5000


Sp : 5000


Adena : 50000


Drop : 5000


Enchant Rate :


Normal Enchant Scroll : 75%


Blessed Enchant Scroll : 100%


Augment Rate :  


Lifestone Augment Skill : 40%


You can cast your active augment skill ( for example might lvl 10) and change weapon (the skill stays at your buffs) BUT you can have only one active skill !So the best for you is to have one active skill at a random weapon and at your main weapon that u will use a passive augment skill ! This is so because we dont want to hear from you about corrupted gms and also to have balanced stats !



Custom Items :


Server DOES not have Custom Armors/Weapons BUT it has custom accesories like Party Mask and Fairy Antennae items , that gives you p def/mdef/hp,mp (Party Mask) and mAtk,pAtk,AtkSpeed,CastSpeed (Fairy Antennae).

I suggest fighters use  Tattoo of Absolute (customized) and mages Tattoo of Divine (Customized too).




Custom commands :


.farm1 = Teleports you with a 10 sec delay at Dragon Valley (farm zone to farm for server custom items like Blessed Enchant Scrolls,Boss Jewels,Lifestones,Book of Giants and 2 custom shield only for beauty (this means that they dont give stats)!


.farm2 = Teleports you with a 10 sec delay at Main Town (Giran)!


.pvp1 = Teleports you with a 10 sec delay at Dragon Valley Caves thats a special pvp area near the farm area (.farm1 = Dragon Valley)


.pvp2 = Teleports you with a 10 sec delay at Coliseum.We believe that the real place for PvP is Coliseum!



Buffs  :


3 Hours Buff Time


99 Buff slots for you


3 Debuff slots


Farm Zones :


Gludin Village = Safe farm area with easy farm mobs!


Antharas Lair = Farm zone that PvP/Pk is  permissible!


As i said before at Custom commands .farm1 is a farm zone too!


PvP Zone :


Antharas Lair is also PvP zone except farm zone


Primeval Isle


.pvp1 and .pvp2  also




Clan LvL Up :


With 2 Gold bars (use .deposit) you can get your clan to level 8!Also with 2 more gold bars you will get your reputation points!You have only to farm for clan eggs for skills.


Noblesse :


With 2 Gold Bars (use .deposit) you can get noblesse status if you go with your sub class!


Other Infos :


Characters like Adventurer that they wear Light Armor they cant equip Heavy Armor for balanced stats,they get Grade Penalty!





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