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shuogo-icone.jpg The Aion team Java.NET TOP SERVERS, that works for your server players win several of Brazil and the world, membership is totally "FREE".

So do not waste time click here and sign up now.


Click the picture for redirect to the site



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Pride - Low rate - *2x xp, 1x drops, no autolearn.

Greed - Mid/High rate - *Variable xp depending on level, from 40+ you get 20x xp; 2.5x drops, autolearn enabled. Crafting xp gain is 2x of normal.

Wrath - (coming soon) PvP server. Start at level 50, special xp gain to get to 55. Autolearn enabled.






Any server can say they're the best. In fact, most probably will. But 99% of private Aion servers are based off slow developing open source projects such as AionLightning or Zettacore. We are NOT based off any open source project. We have been a closed source server since InfiniteAION was founded in 2009. We are the most established private Aion server there is with over 20,000 unique players daily. That is what makes us the best.





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